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120 Aristotle phrases of psychology and philosophy

120 Aristotle phrases of psychology and philosophy

Aristotle (384 BC-322 BC) philosopher, logic and scientist of Ancient Greece, considered one of the founders of theempiricism and whose ideas have exerted a great influence on Western intellectual history for more than two thousand years. Enjoy the following Aristotle phrases that we have selected for you in this post.

He wrote about 200 treaties (of which only 31 remain) on a wide variety of topics, including logic, metaphysics, philosophy of science, ethics, philosophy, politics, aesthetics, rhetoric, physics, astronomy and biology.

He transformed many of the areas of knowledge he addressed. He is currently recognized as the founding father of both logic and biology.

Famous quotes from Aristotle

You can't untie a knot without knowing how it's done.

Our character is the result of our behavior.

Anyone can become angry, that is very simple. But getting angry at the right person, to the exact extent, at the right time, for the right purpose and in the right way, that, certainly, is not so simple.

The total truth is never reached, nor is it ever completely removed from it.

The deceiver's punishment is not to be believed, even when he tells the truth.

Those who work well are the only ones who can aspire to happiness in life.

The soul is what we live, feel and think about.

What is acquired with much work, more is loved.

Think as wise people think, but speak as simple people speak.

Great knowledge breeds great doubts.

Wisdom is an ornament in prosperity and a refuge in adversity.

It is important for those who wish to achieve a certainty in their research, knowing how to doubt in time.

The perfect friendship is that of the good and those who resemble virtue.

Intelligence consists not only in knowledge, but also in the skill of applying knowledge in practice.

It is absolutely impossible to prove everything.

Understanding is a plain board in which there is nothing written.

The true disciple is the one that surpasses the teacher.

Some believe that to be friends it is enough to want, as if to be healthy it is enough to want health.

It is thought that the just is the same, and so it is; but not for everyone, but for equals. On the contrary, it is thought that the fair is the unequal, and so it is, but not for everyone, but for the unequal.

A faithful friend is a soul in two bodies.

You cannot be and not be something at the same time and under the same aspect.

True happiness consists in doing good.

The friend is another me. Without friendship man can not be happy.

The wise man does not say everything he thinks, but always thinks everything he says.

It is ignorance not knowing how to distinguish between what needs demonstration and what does not need it.

Hope is the dream of the waking man.

In adversities virtue comes to light.

Friendship is a soul that lives in two bodies; A heart that lives in two souls.

The ignorant says, the wise doubts and reflects.

It is an indisputable principle that in order to know how to command well, one must know how to obey.

It is not enough to just tell the truth, it is better to show the cause of the falsehood.

I consider the one who conquers his desires braver, than he who conquers his enemies, since the hardest victory is victory over oneself.

Everyone's friend is not a friend.

There is only happiness where there is virtue and serious effort, because life is not a game.

Acquiring from young people such or such habits is of little importance: it is of absolute importance.

Time is the measure of motion between two moments.

A state is governed better by a good man than by good laws.

To know is to remember.

The story tells what happened; poetry what should happen.

It is the philosopher's own power to speculate on all things.

Speeches inspire less confidence than actions.

The purpose of art is to give body to the secret essence of things, not to copy their appearance.

The lonely man is a beast or a god.

There is only one driving force: desire.

He who has the most accurate notions about the causes of things and is able to give a perfect account of them in his teaching, is wiser than everyone else in any other science.

You want more what has been achieved with many fatigue.

A definition is a phrase that means the essence of a thing.

If citizens practiced friendship with each other, they would not need justice.

Oral teachings must accommodate the habits of the listeners.

Virtue is an acquired voluntary disposition, which consists of a middle ground between two bad extremes, the one by excess and the other by default.

Virtue shines in misfortunes.

There is nothing in the mind that has not been before in the senses.

Science is about the soul what light is about the eyes, and if the roots are bitter, the fruits are very sweet.

Actually, living as a man means choosing a target - honor, glory, wealth, culture - and pointing towards him with all behavior, since not ordering life to an end is a sign of great folly.

The only stable State is one in which all citizens are equal before the law.

The city (cops) is one of the things that exist by nature; and man is, by nature, a political animal.

Avaro is the one who does not spend on what he owes, or what he owes, or when he owes.

Just as the eyes of bats are obfuscated in the light of day, in the same way the intelligence of our soul is obfuscated by the obvious things.

Teaching is not a vital function, because they have no end in themselves; The vital function is to learn.

There is the same difference between a sage and an ignorant as between a living man and a corpse.

The mind is always right, while appetite and imagination can be wrong.

Man can learn nothing except by virtue of what he knows.

In part, art completes what nature cannot elaborate and, in part, imitates nature.

Thanks to memory, what is called experience is given in men.

Every forced act becomes unpleasant.

To commit an injustice is worse than to suffer it.

The movement does not exist outside of things, because everything that changes, or changes in the order of the substance or quantity, or quality, or place.

The command of many is not good; Just one boss is enough.

The wise have the same advantages over the ignorant as the living over the dead.

Fear is a suffering that produces the waiting for evil.

As sight is to the body, the reason is to the spirit.

If human actions can be noble, shameful or indifferent, the same goes for the corresponding pleasures. There are pleasures that derive from noble activities, and others of shameful origin.

Outside of society, man is a beast or a god.

Democracy has emerged from the idea that if men are equal in any respect, they are in everyone.

All governments die from the exaggeration of their principle.

The crowd obeys more the need than the reason, and the punishments more than the honor.

We learn, either by induction or by demonstration. The demonstration starts from the universal; the induction of the particular.

The more nature inclines us to pleasures, the more prone we are to license than to decency.

If nothing is eternal, production and generation is not possible.

Everything that moves is moved by another.

The man who stays in the right middle is named sober and moderate.

To imitate is innate to man.

Every man, by nature, wants to know.

And is that nature does nothing in vain, and among animals, man is the only one who has the word.

Plato is my friend, but more friend is the truth.

Wealth consists much more in enjoyment than in possession.

The instant is the continuity of time, because it links past time with future time.

Philosophy must be a special knowledge of the first principles and the first causes.

We must not always start with the first notion of the things studied, but with what can facilitate learning.

It is necessary to prefer the sovereignty of the law to that of one of the citizens.

Not every term deserves the name of the end, but only the one that is optimal.

The sciences have bitter roots, but the fruits are very sweet.

It is best to leave life as a party, neither thirsty nor drunk.

If the spirit is a divine attribute, an existence according to the spirit will be truly divine.

The predicate predicates also extend to the subject.

Revolutions are not made by giblets, but are born by giblets.

What has a soul is distinguished from what it does not have by the fact of living.

Movement is the passage of power to the act.

The true final cause lies in immovable beings.

It is necessary that there be one or several principles and even, if there is only one, that it be immobile and immutable.

Nature does nothing in vain.

We must not pay attention to those who advise us, under the pretext that we are men, think only of human things and, under the pretext that we are mortal, renounce immortal things.

Things are called equivocal when they only have the name in common.

If they praise me so much, it will be to praise themselves, because by praising me they imply that they understand me.

Poetry is deeper and philosophical than history.

Bestiality is a lesser evil than perversity, but it is more fearsome.

All or almost all distinguish the soul by three of its attributes: movement, sensation and incorporeity.

You don't need perfect government; You need one that is practical.

All flatterers are mercenaries, and all low-spirited men are flatterers.

The human race has, to know how to conduct itself, art and reasoning.

The motionless being moves as an object of love, and what he moves prints the movement to everything else.

It is clear that all ends are not perfect ends. But the supreme good constitutes, in some way, a perfect end.

The end of speculative science is the truth, and the end of practical science is action.

Too little value is cowardice and too much value is recklessness.

Who discusses whether the mother herself can be killed does not deserve arguments but scourges.

The need has matched those who cannot exist without each other, such as male and female.

Only by doing good can you really be happy.

The beauty of man is either in sonority, or in meaning.

There is no genius without a gram of madness.

Tyrants surround themselves with bad men because they like to be flattered and no high-spirited man will flatter them.