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Famous phrases and aphorisms to reveal

Famous phrases and aphorisms to reveal

Many people are motivated to read and listen phrases or sentences that make them feel identified, expressions of feelings, emotions, behaviors and even circumstances on which to achieve a better understanding of what happens to them, in addition to helping them improve their lives in some way thanks to them. Here we show you famous phrases and aphorisms that help make quick discoveries and that constitute revelations about the realities seen in a certain way. Brings the individual closer to a more conscious view of their problems or vital difficulties.

Aphorisms that reveal and inspire

The greatest wisdom that exists is to know oneself. Galileo Galilei.

The luck favors only the prepared mind. Isaac Asimov.

Let's not do what we want; Instead, let's be responsible for who we are. J. P. Sartre.

Nothing creates self-esteem and self confidence as the creation of oneself. T. Carlyle

Only the disappointed can be entrusted, because just not expecting anything from others leads to adventure and to believe that, if things depend on ourselves, they could turn out well.

What a man thinks of himself generally determines or, rather, indicates his destiny. H. D. Thoreau.

Plant your own garden and decorate your own soul before waiting for someone to bring you flowers. Virginia. A. Shoffstall.

When you hear an inner voice telling you that you can't paint, paint as much as you can, and you'll see how it will shut up. Vincent van Gogh.

According to some revealing tests of aeronautical technique, the bumblebee cannot fly due to the shape and weight of its body in relation to the surface of its wings. But the bumblebee doesn't know it and that's why he continues to fly. I. Sikorski

Life is like a mirror: if I smile, the mirror smiles back. M. Gandhi

Courage is not the absence of fear, rather it is the opinion that there is something else that is much more important than fear. A. Redmoon.

Every failure teaches a man something he needed to learn. Charles Dickens

The attitude determines the choice, and the choice determines the results. J. Rohn

A human being is controlled by the environment and in turn controls the environment that influences him and others. J. Elster

Golden rule: men should not be judged by their opinions, but by what these opinions make of them. G. Lichtenberg.

If freedom is, as has been said, just a sensation, what is the difference between being and believing oneself free? You can be free within the prisons themselves. E. M. Cioran.

Man is the measure of all things: those that are as they are, and those that are not, as they are not. Protagoras

Everything that is believed exists, and only this. H. von Hofmannsthal.

Imagination is a quality that has been granted to man to compensate him for what he is not, while the sense of humor has been given to comfort him for what he is. O. Wilde.

We know what we are, but we ignore what we can be. W. Shakespeare.

A good lie is better than a bad truth.

Stop one from being young when you don't choose your enemies, when you're happy with the ones you have on hand. E. M. Cioran.

What we fail to forgive the other are our mistakes and our resignations.

Anyone who has never wanted and seen awkwardness and evil up close cannot be considered sober and honest, because in reality he has never had anything against which to demonstrate his self-control. Antiphon

Suffering is the only cause of consciousness. F. Dostoevsky.

A man is rich in proportion to the number of things he can afford to give up.

The highest peaks, by nature, attract lightning.

The only "authentic" danger to humanity is the stupidity of human beings. As true stupid people think they are intelligent, they impose their stupidity on others, as if it were a gift.

There is nothing new under this sky, but what has been forgotten. G. Santayana.

Human beings are so predictable, they are very disappointing, something that can only disgust those who observe them with disappointed eyes. Luckily, there are rare exceptions that are worth living for.

The pessimist is nothing but a disillusioned illuser.

Hate is the ghost of desire.

If you want to know someone's nature, you must be provided with a condition of full well-being so that you feel free to express yourself as you see fit. In fact, it is the people we best treat who inflict the worst wounds and disappointments.

The most hidden secrets are the evidence: we don't want to see them because they are uncomfortable, or we are too attracted to complications.

The innocent who come after the guilty usually pay the faults instead: this is a painful law of love relationships.

The moment you stop to think whether or not you love a person, you already have the answer.

Man is the only animal that blushes, or needs to do it. M. Twain

Human beings are capable of sublime self-deception: they transform their own faults into other people's faults. Memory and feelings of guilt willingly give way to present sensations.

The human being is so corruptible that even the most virtuous person can in certain circumstances commit the most despicable acts, not because he is forced, as many claim to justify themselves, but simply because he is impelled by the drunkenness of pleasure.

To really love is to yearn and obtain more and more, and it is precisely this passionate yearning that makes us constantly feel that something is missing.

Love relationships are nothing more than the vertigo of selfishness.

Who does not love too much does not love enough.

Pleasure gives what wisdom promises. Voltaire

We get tired of thinking, and even acting, but never loving. A. Compte.

The only form of innocence granted to us is the feeling of guilt.

The only constant in life is change. Buddha.

Water conquers everything because it adapts to everything. Lao Tse.

Even the best do not know much about what man should be; About what it is, you can learn something from each person. G. Lichtenberg.

Opposite elements agree and from what is dissented derives the most beautiful harmony. Heraclitus

Only who is fragile becomes rigid.

Thanks to a small disorder, order can be maintained.

There can be no calm in love, because what has been achieved is only a new starting point to desire more. M. Proust.

Any psychological extreme feeds within itself its opposite. C. J. Jung.

Each of us lives on self-deception, what makes a difference is whether or not they make us happy. Art is in reorienting one's own deception towards the perception of what we like.

When we place ourselves at one extreme, we tense and carry even more the propensity that will take us to the opposite extreme: thus, when we place ourselves at the negative end, we are dragged almost against our will to the other extreme. Lao Tse.

Doubt is the springboard of creative thinking, but at the same time the spring of obsessive thinking. In the first case, doubt is ridden and directed, and that is why it leads to the discovery of our territories of thought: in the second, doubt is fought and repressed, and that is why it becomes the stinging pursuer of thought.

The psychologist thinks that two plus two is five, and is totally satisfied with it; The neurotic thinks that two plus two is four and is very worried about it.

There are as many fears as possible to invent.

Reason and emotion do not always agree, often clash with each other. The most important thing is not to underestimate that reason usually succumbs to emotion.

The mind is the creator of fear; and when it analyzes fear, seeking its causes to get rid of it, the mind only isolates itself further, thus increasing fear. J. Krishnamrti.

The advantage of bad memory is that it often rejoices in the same things as if it were the first time. F. Nietzsche.

For the obsessed there is no choice: the obsession has already chosen for them, before them. E. M. Cioran.

The irrationality of a passion always wins over the rationality of an explanation.

The instrument itself is never good or bad; It is the use we make of it that makes it one thing or the other.

It is not possible not to communicate. P. Watzlawick.

A speech that has persuaded a mind forces the mind that has persuaded to believe in the sayings and to consent to the facts. Gorgias

The questions of the wise man already contain half of the answers. R. W. Emerson.

Knowing what to do does not mean knowing how to do it.

The insane-minded person is one who, based on incorrect principles, reasons and acts correctly, although the consequences will be wrong. P. Pinel.

In the future there is a hidden harmony that reconciles the contrasts we perceive. Heraclitus

It is impossible to know men without knowing the strength of words. S. Freud.

To say is to act. J. L. Austin.

There are no moral phenomena, but only a moral explanation of the phenomena. F. Nietzsche.

Psychotherapy consists of building invented realities that produce concrete effects.

Reality is nothing more than the language we use to communicate and communicate it.

Genius is nothing more than the ability to perceive reality from unusual perspectives. W. James

In anything you start with the simple, then the complicated comes and in the end it becomes simple thanks to the contribution of higher minds. Voltaire

The amazing thing exists to the extent that there are premises and links that have been inexplicably violated. B. Pascal

To observe the simplest but authentic relationships between things, very complex knowledge is needed. And it is not strange that only extraordinary men make those discoveries that later seem easy and simple. G. Lichtenberg.

What distinguishes truly original minds is not that they are the first to see something new, but that they are able to see as new what is old, known, seen and belittled by all. F. Nietzsche.

The truth of an idea is not a static property; This happens, becomes authentic, becomes such by events. W. James

Every problem desecrates a mystery; in turn, every problem is desecrated by the solution. E. M. Cioran.

The strongest proof of a theory is its application. G. Lichtenberg.

We only know the principle of things according to what we ourselves put into them. I. Kant.

It is the solutions that lead to the explanations and not the explanations that lead to the solutions.

Most problems do not derive from the answers we give ourselves, but from the questions we ask ourselves. I. Kant.

Things are actually simpler than you might think, but much more complicated than can be understood. J. W. Goethe.

Life is a game whose purpose is to discover its rules, rules that change continuously and can never be discovered definitively. G. Bateson.

We have no way of apprehending the outside world if it is not through the senses, from which we can always receive deceptive images; but even if we saw the world in a completely correct way, we would have no way of knowing. E. von Glasersfeld.

There is nothing in the intellect that has not been before in the senses. Saint Thomas of Aquino.

People believe that what they want to believe as such is true. Julius Caesar.

Things do not happen for what they are, but for what they seem. B. Gracian.

Any of our knowledge begins in feelings. Leonardo da Vinci.

It is our theories that condition our observations. A. Einstein

Truth is the attribute of anything that is proven valid to the extent that we create it. W. James

It's easy to make things complicated, but hard to make them simple. F. Nietzsche.

At the end of the trip we are at the starting point. T. S. Elliot.

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