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Therapeutic aphorisms to reveal feelings and passions

Therapeutic aphorisms to reveal feelings and passions

The meaning of the aphorisms is to create a tune with the person who has a problem. It is a kind of evocative language with phrases of life, which allow us to awaken in our interior vivid and intense sensations in order to cause changes in the people who listen to them or read them.

They can make the emotional and cognitive resistances and barriers emerge in the person, because, although they seem innocuous at first, they manage to induce specific perceptions that fall into specific reactions, since the person is induced to analyze intellectually the meaning of a statement and perceives the aphorism as a bright intelligence flash.

Revealing aphorisms

In this world there are two tragedies. One is not getting what you want, and the other is getting it. The last is the worst. O. Wilde.

Life is short; the long art; the fugitive occasion; fallacious experience and difficult judgment. Hippocrates

The limit of any pleasure is a greater pleasure.

It is not the violent evils that mark us, but the deaf, the insistent, the tolerable evils, those that are part of our routine and undermine us as time. E. M. Cioran.

It is only possible to be alone, if you know that someone sighs for you.

The bird that has been caught in a bush begins to fear, with trembling wings, any bramble it sees. W. Shakespeare.

Fear is uncertainty in search of security. J. Krishnamurtri

The timorato ignores what it is to be alone: ​​there is always an enemy behind his chair. F. Nietzsche.

Insomnia is a dizzying lucidity that would turn paradise into a place of torture. E. M. Cioran.

No one can live without pleasure. Saint Thomas of Aquino

Pleasure has reasons that reason ignores. J. S. Cherbulier.

For you who no longer have it, freedom is everything. For us, yes, it is merely an illusion. E. M. Cioran.

Nothing can heal the soul, except the senses. O. Wilde.

Between the sense of guilt and pleasure, pleasure always wins. F. Nietzsche.

There are no bad companies, but corrupt people.

I can resist everything except temptation. O. Wilde.

What is pleasure but an extraordinarily sweet pain? H. Heine

We can imagine everything, predict everything, except where we can sink. Emil Michel Cioran.

Sin makes us free.

Gluttony is an emotional refuge: it is the sign that something is devouring us. Prince of Vries

An unlived love is much more intense precisely because it has not come true. One who has lived may end, but one who has not lived, since it has not been consummated.

It is difficult to love so selflessly as to feed love without wanting to be fed. L. Wittgenstein.

Every man dreams of being Pygmalion of his wife, because that creates the illusion of being the only one.

I invented you as you invented me. We need each other. P. Éluard.

It is not important for a woman to be the first but the last. O. Wilde.

We will never forgive those who love us the renunciations we make in the name of their love.

In any case, you are trapped: if you find it beautiful it will not be only yours and if it is ugly you will pay for everyone else. Socrates.

Love in the twilight: the light is blurred, the colors are blurred, the perfumes are dimmed, the sounds are appeased. Death stalks.

We have been the happy conjunction of two streams of water, then a freezing rain falls and we disperse.

Each person contains within it hell and paradise. O. Wilde.

Some mothers need to have unhappy children, otherwise their maternal kindness cannot manifest. F. Nietzsche.

The only thing we are not responsible for is our family.

Parents are not chosen, they suffer.

The man is fire and the woman bast, then the devil comes and blows. M. Cervantes

Always the devil scares but at the same time attracts.

Love: the most sublime of self-deception, we fall in love with what we "see" in the other.

Pure love is unrequited.

The things I have not said swarm inside me like phantom ghosts. A. Polgar.

We are all at the bottom of a hell where every moment is a miracle. E. M. Cioran.

I was born weak and sick: it cost my mother my life and my birth was the first of her misfortunes. J. J. Rousseau.

I live only because I can die whenever I want. Without the idea of ​​suicide, if it weren't for the possibility of suicide, I would have been killed. E. M. Cioran.

I wander through the days like a whore in a world without sidewalks. E. M. Cioran.

You are like a teapot in the fire that has consumed all the water, but the fire is still burning.

No one has been granted to avoid the worst of companies, their own.

I am a broken puppet with my eyes turned ... inward.

The same difficulty of living can become the only thing that keeps some individuals alive. A. Polgar.

When you see a cloud, anyone can see monsters inside. I can't erase the clouds, I could think that they form with my imagination, but they are still clouds and monsters.

All things in my life are like clouds: they come and go, they fall apart, they dissolve.

Anyway we will end up being dust in the wind.

The less hope we have, the more proud we feel, to the point that pride and despair develop at the same time. E. M. Cioran.

I don't think I missed a single chance to be sad. My vocation as a man. E. M. Cioran.

Sinful is the state in which we find ourselves, regardless of guilt. F. Kafka

In both suffering and joy you are always alone.

We are two chasms: a well staring at the sky. F. Pessoa.

If you do not act, you are guilty for not acting; If you act, you are guilty for not acting as you should.

For people who do not appreciate themselves, success is worth zero and failure is double.

We are united with invisible threads to our fears. We are the puppet and puppeteer, victims of our expectations. G. S. Rawling.

Mido is what scares me the most. M. de Montaigne.

I always carry with me a minimum concern that makes me see and look for dangers even where they do not exist. This makes minimal adversity grow to infinity inside me and makes it extremely difficult for me with other human beings. S. Kierkegaard.

An imaginary disease is but that a disease. Yiddish proverb.

Against the obsession of death, the subterfuges of hope are revealed as ineffective as the arguments of reason. E. M. Cioran.

... Like when one runs away from the lion and bumps into a bear or, when entering the house, rests his hand on the wall and bites the snake ... Book of Amos.

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