100 best phrases about art and work

100 best phrases about art and work

Famous quotes about art, work and professions

If I had not existed, someone else would have written to me. William Faulkner

This story is true since I have imagined it from beginning to end. Boris Vian

Working I have managed to ascend from nothing to the most extreme poverty. Groucho Marx

If a craftsman were sure to dream for twelve hours that he is king, I think he would be almost as happy as a king who dreamed twelve hours as a craftsman. Blaise pascal

It is terribly sad that talent lasts longer than beauty. Oscar Wilde

Beauty is only visual, more real in a movie or in stone than in three living dimensions. Naomi wolf

There is no beauty without something strange in its proportions. Francis Bacon

In a flock of white doves, a black crow adds more beauty even than the swan's candor. Giovanni Boccaccio

All love poems are ridiculous. They wouldn't be love poems if they weren't ridiculous. Fernando Pessoa

Everything matters in art, except the matter. Oscar Wilde

In many things in life, industriousness can achieve more than genius.

If you love what you do, it will never be a job. Confucius

Art does not consist in representing new things, but in representing with novelty. Ugo Foscolo

Poetry is a weapon loaded with the future. Gabriel Celaya

Are not poets always on the side of justice? Salvatore Quasimodo

It must be beautiful, nothing is understood. Molière

When I wake up every morning, the greatest joy is mine: to be Salvador Dalí. Salvador Dali

The great style is born when the beautiful obtains the victory over the enormous. Friedrich Nietzsche

One is not what it is because of what you write, but because of what you have read. Jorge Luis Borges

There is only nothing for those who know nothing to produce. Johann Wolfang Von Goethe

Everything should be made as simple as possible, but not simpler. Albert Einstein

Being a poet is not my ambition, it is my way of being alone. Fernando Pessoa

You don't always paint what you see, but what you feel. Vincent van Gogh

The art of writing is saying a lot with few words. Anton Chekhov

I often needed a whole morning of hard work to write a paragraph. Ernest Hemingway

Science is the consciousness of species. In life we ​​deal with individuals; In science, we deal with species. Ludwig Feuerbach

The journalist is stimulated by the term. Write worse if you have time. Karl Kraus

Every emotion has its voice and its breath. Michael McCallion

The use determines the function. Frederick Alexander

Idle people tend to feel more tired than those who work. Michael Levine

It is not about making windows but drilling holes. Clorindo Testa

Let's work without theorizing; It is the only way to make life bearable. Voltaire

In my years I wish to convey calm, not wonder, because in art what endures is emotion. Raul Soldi

Life doesn't have to be perfect to look wonderful. Annete Funicello

Art is made to disturb, science to reassure. Georges Braque

The mission of art is not to copy nature, but to express it. Honoré de Balzac

Before I was a nobody, because of writing a book, suddenly, people paid attention to me. Frank McCourt

To succeed, dedicate yourself to teaching 30 years and write a best seller. Frank McCourt

Spring inspires a lot of desire to travel, a lot of desire to work in the garden and a bit of bad poetry. Bern Williams

A book, like a trip, begins with restlessness and ends with melancholy. José de Vasconcelos

I need literature to understand the world. Alberto Mangel

Instant replay existed in books much earlier than in televised sports. Bern Williams

All my pain has passed to the literature. Juan Gelman

One of the disadvantages of having nothing to do is that you cannot take a break.

A psychiatrist is a guy who asks you many very expensive questions that your wife asks you for free. Osho

I am surprised that a fortune teller does not laugh when he sees a colleague. Marco Tulio Cicero

Art is, in a way, a critique of reality. Arturo Graff

There are two types of diseases: those that heal on their own, and therefore the doctor is not necessary, or those that no one cures, in which the doctor is not necessary either. Enrique Jardiel

If a writer does not wish to be in death trance, he should not wish for another writer to admire him. Because when a writer admires another, he already knows what he does with him: shoot him. Enrique Jardiel

What is read without any effort, has always been written with great effort. Enrique Jardiel

Music is an art very close to quantum mechanics. Juan Ignacio Cirac.

True art is born of suffering. To create and manifest fully you need some emotional stability. But, before, the source is pain, difficulties, experience ... Antonio Chenel (Antoñete)

All art consists in giving the being to something. Aristotle

Art is foolishness. Jean Arthur Rimbaud

I can't stand the artist whose main vocation is provocation. I think the great provocateurs are without trying. Pedro Almodovar

If they proposed to burn all my movies, I would. I don't care about art, but people. Luis Buñuel

I admit only one thing that is not natural: the work of art. Andre Gide

The creator does not have to have limitations of any nature. Juan Carlos Castagnino

In art there are more difficult simplicity than the more complicated complexities. Aldous Huxley

To live, a work of art does not need to be beautiful or ugly. It just needs life. Elmer Diktonius

Artists are generally less happy than men of science. Bertrand Russell

Materialize the spiritual until it is palpable, spiritualize the material until it is invisible: that is the whole secret of art. Benavente Hyacinth

Nothing is more useful to man than those arts that have no use. Ovid

Art is the contemplation of the world in a state of grace. Hermann Hesse

Art is the expression of the deepest feelings along the simplest path. Albert Einstein

A work of art is a corner of creation seen through a temperament. Emilio Zola

The artist brings to the world something that did not exist before, and does so without destroying anything. John updike

Every work of art is an attempt to rationalize a conflict of emotions in the spirit of the artist. Robert Graves

If the world were obvious, art would not exist. Art helps us penetrate the opacity of the world. Albert camus

In art, the thesis must become a spontaneous idea, a feeling. Konstantin Stanislavski

Art is the expression of a thought through an emotion or, in other words, a general truth through a particular lie. Fernando Pessoa

The artist is a madman who, perhaps, has a higher level of lucidity than the rest of the people, since he has found a way to exorcise his personal ghosts through his creation. Luis Eduardo Aute

Art is the feeling of truth. Alexander Blok

There are known and unknown things. And in between are the doors. Jim Morrison

I will always be a man of words. More than a bird man. Jim Morrison

A work of art is an eternal joy. John keats

All art is based on nonconformity. Ben shalm

Art is a must-have item, such as bread, wine or a good winter coat. Just as the man's stomach growls to receive food, his spirit feels increasingly hungry for art. Irving stone

In art, it truly original repugnant to the masses. Enrique Jardiel Poncela

Nothing has to do the art with the truth. Wolfgang Borchert

No artist sees things as they really are. If I saw them like that, I would stop being an artist. Oscar Wilde

The artist is a liar, but the art is true. Francois Mauriac

Work is an invasion of our privacy. Woody Allen

Art is the most beautiful of lies. Claude Debussy

Simplicity, very difficult simplicity, is a matter of method. Do the following and you will have hit the great style at once: place one thing after another. Nothing else; this is all. José Martinez Ruiz

All art is imitation of nature. Seneca

The only reward that can be expected from the cultivation of literature is disdain if one fails and hate if one succeeds. Voltaire

For a large majority of people, television is a variety of tranquilizer that plugs instead of swallowing. Anonymous

To succeed you simply have to work two hours more than the others. José María García

It is not enough to work; It is necessary to be exhausted every day at work. Auguste Rodín

Work is everything we are required to do and play is everything we are not required to do. Mark Twain

When more work is when I don't work, if I didn't work, life would stop being interested. Joan Miro

A good remedy against yuppie disease: invest more time in your work than work in your time. Friedrich Durrenmatt

For those who have no religion, our god is work. Paul Bowles

Intense work has never killed anyone. Men die of boredom, due to psychological conflicts and diseases. Truly, the more your staff works, the happier and healthier it will be. David Ogilvy

There is only two means to get rid of the nightmare of the relentless passage of time: pleasure and work. Pleasure exhausts and work fortifies. Let's choose. Working is less boring than having fun. Charles Baudelaire

Art is not a mirror to reflect the world, but a hammer with which to hit it. Vladimir Maiakovsky

If work were such a wonderful thing, surely the rich would have left everything to them. Lane kirkland

When work is a pleasure, life is beautiful. But when it is imposed on us, life is slavery. Maximum Gorky