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110 phrases by Dante Alighieri, author of the Divine Comedy

110 phrases by Dante Alighieri, author of the Divine Comedy

Dante Alighieri (1265-1320), was an important Italian poet of the Middle Ages. His peak work “Divine Comeda”, Originally called Comedy and later baptized as Divine by Giovanni Boccaccio, it is considered the most important poem of the Middle Ages and the most representative literary work of the Italian language.

Before embarking on the great work of versify his conception of the universe, he gave himself with ardent passion to the poetic recreation of a love Closest: Beatriz, the young woman with whom her only being overflowed the poet's feelings. The early death of the beautiful lady at the age of twenty-five and the unsatisfied love that with the tragic death defiled Dante, were reflected in Vita Nuova (New life), which constitutes the poems and glossary of the poet's sentimental education.

The legends have elaborated an entire iconography of this youthful love, and they propose an idyllic, tender and sentimental vision of these first loves. It is taken as certain, for example, that Beatriz's death was dreamed by Dante when he was subjected to delirium because of a serious illness. It is also said that the poet went to the grave and there composed, between tears and laments of posthumous fidelity, his most passionate verses. But, in truth, the real existence of this lady has not been proven and literary criticism warns against anachronistic readings: Beatriz is only the means to express Dante's feelings and reflections on love.

Dante's famous quotes

The secret for things to be done is to do them.

Love drives me and makes me talk like that.

Speak briefly and clearly.

A powerful fire is just the continuation of a small spark.

There is no greater pain than remembering happiness in times of misery.

Love leads us both to the same death.

I love both doubt and certainty.

You were not raised to live like beasts, but to continue in pursuit of virtue and wisdom.

The mountain has an always tedious formation when you start, but it becomes easier on the highest peaks.

Your fame is like the flower, which as soon as it sprouts, dies, and withered the same sun that made it rise from the ungrateful earth.

The arrow of destiny, when expected, travels slowly.

The human race reaches its best state the more freedom it has.

Love insists that love return.

It is not always in happiness when we laugh.

The path that leads to Paradise begins in Hell.

The wiser you get, the more annoying it is to waste your time.

Pride, envy and greed. These are the sparks that have set fire to the hearts of all men.

The most perfect things are also the most likely to receive both appreciation and abuse.

Three things we still have from Paradise: the stars, the flowers and the children.

That precious fruit by which men undertake an anxious search in different couples, will be given today to your hungry soul.

The more perfect something is, the more pain and pleasure it feels.

Love moves the sun and the other stars.

They crave what they fear.

I did not cry; My heart was like a stone.

The devil is not as black as they paint it.

Until he has taken her back to hell.

All hope leaves those who enter here.

You will see how bitter the foreign bread tastes, and how rough it is to go down and up the stairs of others.

There is a secret to live with the loved one, not to try to modify it.

This is a night to remember ... she is the beginning of always.

The weapons of divine justice lose their edge before the confession and grief of the offender.

Continue under the guidance of your own star.

There was a time when we used to be men, although now we have become trees.

We are lost and only half have we been punished.

My route has been established on an unexplored sea.

He who listens well, takes notes.

Art imitates nature as best it can, just as the disciple follows his teacher. That is why he is a kind of grandson of God.

Open your mind to what I am going to reveal to you, and keep it inside: he who listens, but does not retain what he has heard, does not learn anything.

Justice does not descend from its own pinnacle.

Oh, you who have intelligence! Look at the teaching behind the veil of strange verses.

Who knows about pain, knows everything.

I was informed of that torture, which was the Hell of carnal sins when the reasons give way to desire.

I have not died and still lost my breath of life.

Since there can be no friendship between unequals, wherever friendship is seen, equality is assumed, and wherever friendship is understood, praise and reproach are common.

Maintain the firmness of the tower, whose cusp trembles neither by storms nor winds.

Soon you will be in that place where your own eyes will see the source and effect, and give you your own answer to the mystery.

There are three provisions that remain adverse to heaven: incontinence, malice and crazy brutality.

Poets leave Hell and contemplate the stars again.

In the middle of the path of our life, I found myself on a piece of wood, lost outside the straight path.

With wine, poetry flourishes in the hearts of men.

Beauty awakens the acts of the soul.

You are subject to greater strength and better nature; and she breeds your mind, in which heaven can do nothing.

But those stars that once marked our beginning, now leave.

Experience will show you how salty foreign bread is, and how painful it is to go up and down those of an alien floor.

It is so bitter, and death is a little more.

Consider your origin. You were not trained to live as brutes, but to follow virtue and knowledge.

To whom much is given, much is expected of him.

There is nothing to fear, nothing can deprive us of our destiny, it is a gift.

You soon learn to love a gentle heart.

The darkest corner of Hell is reserved for those who retain their neutrality in times of moral crisis.

So, now, next to me, came that brutality that knows no peace, and took me step by step back to the place where the Sun is silent.

Unless you moderate your pride, this will be your greatest punishment.

Faith is the substance of the things we expect, the evidence of those that are not visible.

Through me you go to a city of crying; through me you go to eternal pain; Through me you go among the lost people.

Everything that is created has an end in itself, and thus the form that makes the universe resemble God is engendered.

If the current world goes astray, the cause is in you, and in you it must be sought.

In spite of everything, now my will and my desire move as part of the same wheel, setting its own pace.

So dark is the bottom, which does not show anything if you do not climb to the back of the arch, in which the rock is more protruding.

My mind was full of other things at that moment that I got out of the way.

Your heart has made me so anxious to start with that you have told me that I have returned to the purpose first.

The wheels of heaven above, display for you its eternal glories, however your eyes remain on the earth.

So honest and so gentle my lady looks, when her greeting delivers, that makes all tongues tremble and be mute, and not even the eyes dare to look at her.

We are not going to talk about them; rather look and move on.

The rigid justice that hurts me uses the place where I sinned so that I can escape more sighs.

The one of whom a thought about another thought bursts, is lost, because the fire of the one opening to the other.

We will be able to see there what we believe, not demonstrated, but by itself evident, which is the first truth in which man believes.

When we lose all hope we have to live in the midst of desires.

The fame of the world is nothing more than a breath of wind that, now comes from here, and changes its reputation when it changes direction.

Love, which does not absolve anyone loved to love, grabbed me so strongly with its charm that, as you see, it has not left me yet.

Oh, vertical and steel consciousness, that bitterness brings the bite of a small guilt!

He who can realize some need, and to help wait until they ask for it, is as cruel as if he had never helped.

Knowing about someone is good; of others it will be better than street, that as many as they are the time is short.

In his will lies our peace.

I am the way to the city of affliction, I am the way to eternal pain, I am the way to go among the lost.

However, what kind of person are you who dare to judge the events that occur a thousand miles away with your vision that only covers a short stretch?

Your apprehension makes the illusions true, which desire incites, and the mood seduces pleasant.

Human probity is rarely reborn by the branches; and this wants who gives it, so that we ask for it.

In that book that is my memory, on the first page of the chapter that is the day I met you, the words appear, "Here begins a new life."

Good is the domain of love, since it separates the understanding of its servants from all vile things.

After your damage will come the crying caused by the just punishment.

The best gift that God has given in His abundance was the autonomy of the will.

Do not stop fear, as much as it could not prevent you from going down this rock.

For the one who makes my veins and my pulse tremble.

Inside the eternal darkness, inside the fire, inside the ice.

In the depth of such grief the tongue moves in vain; The language of our memory and our senses lacks its own vocabulary for such pain.

One should fear only what can harm another; The rest, no, that is not scary.

My hope is that we can no longer see the sky. I have come to guide you to the other shore, to eternal darkness, in fire and in ice.

It is known that the fiery flame of love lasts a short time in a woman, when the looks and hands are incapable of continually fanning it.

Now you already know how much my love for you burns deep inside me, when forgetting our emptiness, I face shadows and solid things.

Well deserved has who laments, as he struggles after what does not last, the torment he finds in his life.

Now our minds are like smoke, but soon they will be like fire.

Up, down, here and there it takes them; and no hope comforts them, not rest, more pain.

He seeks freedom, a gift as precious as he knows who gives it his life.

We must move towards deeper pains, since we are not allowed to remain here.

Come in, but I warn you that he who looks back is going outside.

No one thinks about the amount of blood it costs.

Through me you will visit the city of crying, through me you will enter into eternal pain, through me you will walk among the lost people.

Oh! Human race, born to fly, how can a small wind breeze

The laziness is overcome with a spirit that conquers any struggle, if the serious body does not prevent it.

There is no way the heat can be separated from the fire or the beauty from the eternal.

Greed has such a mean and perverse nature, that it calms its eagerness never. After eating he is not satisfied and thus his intact hunger continues.

If you, free as you are, have remained here below; it is unlikely that even a living flame will continue to burn up.

Sad are the souls of those who lived without failures and without praise.