Famous phrases of Giovanni Boccaccio

Famous phrases of Giovanni Boccaccio

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Giovanni Boccaccio (1313-1375) was one of the great characters, founding fathers, along with Dante and Petrarca, of Italian literature. This great Italian writer and humanist is remembered, above all, for his great work, the Decameron.

Definitely, Giovanni Boccaccio,He is not only one of the great medieval authors. His influence extends to the present day.

Famous phrases of Giovanni Boccaccio

"It is better to act exposing yourself to repent of it, than to regret not having done anything."

“I want to know everything. And I always find myself as before, sad as life and resigned as wisdom. ”

"I fear only one enemy called, myself.”

"May luck be with you."

"It is very true that treasures are given, enmities are forgotten and life itself, honor and even fame are exposed, which are much more, to a thousand dangers in order to obtain a loved thing."

“You will give me your love and you will give me the pleasure of having you, because for you I burn and consume myself.”

"Poverty does not take away any nobility, but the assets."

“Human thing is to have compassion for the afflicted, and although it is convenient for everyone to feel it, it is more proper for those who have already needed comfort and have found it in others: among which, if there was someone in need of him or he was loved or already received from him happy, I tell myself. ”

"Of all the passions, love is the one that grows the most when it encounters obstacles."

"Gratitude, as I believe it, is among the other virtues that are highly praising and contrary to cursing."

"This good does not escape when I desire, to feel comfort, to contemplate it, because my pleasure is second, and my recreation in such a gentle way, that expressing it could not, nor could any mortal ever experience it."

"If any man, even vulgar, knew how to narrate his own life, he would write one of the greatest novels ever written."

"Kissed mouth does not lose fortune, which is renewed like the moon."

"The bonds of friendship are closer than those of blood and family."

"In a flock of white doves, a black crow adds more beauty even than the swan's candor."

"Always volatile as a leaf moved by the wind."

"I tell you that you can take pride in your beauty more than any other woman, since it pleases the saints, who are accustomed to seeing those of heaven."

“There are those who have the desire to love, but not the capacity to love.”

"But as we see it happen very often that the less hope decreases, the greater the love becomes."

"My beautiful soul, do not marvel, that for this reason holiness does not diminish, because it is in the soul and what I ask of you is a sin of the body."

"Love can much more than you and I can."

“You start thinking about evil before it reaches you; if it happens, then we will think about it. ”

"Everything is, by itself, good for something."

"Do as we say, and not as we do."

“I assure you that, if it is my right judgment, I did not think I saw there any holiness, or devotion, or good work, or example of life, or anything, in anyone who was a cleric. But lust, greed, gluttony and similar and worse things, if worse can be found in someone, it seemed to me to find them in all, with so much predicament, that I have that place (Rome) more for the headquarters of diabolical works than divine .