Feeling empty, how can I overcome it?

Feeling empty, how can I overcome it?

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Many people manifest a feeling of emptiness, difficult to explain, but totally true. Therefore, they come for psychological support with the concern of how to overcome it.

A person usually experiences a feeling of emptiness when nothing he does generates motivation or enthusiasm, It's like living a life without flavor. Those who happen to this can be accompanied by loneliness, since they have trouble interacting with others and tend to live in isolation.

Therefore, we want to comment on some guidelines to stop feeling that way and start experiencing joy in every area of ​​your life.

However, we must also warn you that, If this feeling is persistent, it may be the cause of some disorder that exists in your personality, as some research indicates.

In other cases, existential emptiness may arise as a response to attachment that was had towards another person, as they indicate certain studies.

This warning we give you, is in order to support you and that you look for psychological accompaniment in case, after having tried everything, you cannot overcome it.

What is the origin of the feeling of emptiness?

It is possible that the feeling of emptiness appears if some of these situations occur:

  • You have lost an important person in your life, and you are going through emotional grief. It is normal for this absence to generate anxiety, or anguish.
  • If you have recently separated from your partner, you may also feel empty, because now your life is different, and this feeling could be accentuated if you already had plans for the future.
  • If you have lost your job, in which you left part of your life. It's normal, because your routines have changed and you don't find what to do with those hours you used to work in your work area.
  • There may also be a feeling of emptiness if circumstances force you to leave a country and leave behind dear family and friends. Starting all over again can cause some fear or anxiety.

Given these situations, it is likely that the feeling appears that many patients do not know how to explain precisely, and of which they only say: "I feel a void", "I feel that nothing fills me", "it seems that nothing makes sense in my life".

However, this issue has already been addressed centuries ago by literature, philosophy and mystics. Well, it's not a new feeling. Some authors have even described it as a "spiritual void."

How to overcome the feeling of emptiness?

Next, we will give you some guidelines that will help you overcome that feeling and wake up with more enthusiasm every day of your life.

  1. Identify what you are feeling: Do not try to hide what happens to you, or to self-deceive yourself, because the first thing you should do is be aware of what happens to you so that you can change it.
  2. Look at the void differently: Take it as an opportunity that life presents for you to introduce changes in your life, or move towards new directions. You will never know all the potential you have if you can't get out of your comfort zone. You may feel fear, but this is only at the beginning, then you will enjoy more.
  3. Search inside. Forget looking outside, much less believe that this void is going to be filled with the company of a new couple, because there will be that gap that only you can fill. If you are looking for a partner to overcome your emptiness, you may feel worse later, fall into depression or generate insecure attachments, because you are not dealing with the matter thoroughly, but looking for a quick comfort.
  4. Don't be afraid to be alone with you. These brief moments, you can use them to meditate or reflect on your situation. If you practice yoga, you may feel better afterwards.
  5. Surround yourself with nice people. Get rid of all the toxic people that exist in your life. Maybe the problem is not you, but who surrounds you,
  6. Undertake new activities. Start trying everything that attracts you, but you didn't do it out of fear.  

Traveling is also a good recommendation to realize that the world is wide and does not reduce to the space in which we operate every day.

Remember that this emotional work is carried out from within, but, as we mentioned, if you feel that you have tried everything and you are unable to feel better, Go for professional help and see how everything in your life will begin to improve.