Can we really stop thinking and blank our minds?

Can we really stop thinking and blank our minds?

Have you ever found yourself too immersed in your thoughts and have come to believe that you couldn't get out of there? Don't worry, it happens to many people. Luckily, there is always a solution for everything.

What should you do before trying to relax and put your mind blank?

Believe it or not, get 100% relax and achieve put your mind blank It is not as easy as it seems, because in the end the frantic pace we carry and the amount of thoughts we keep can play tricks on us.

And, how many times have you tried to relax doing some activity that you like and in the end you couldn't stop thinking about your worries or what you should do the next day? Many more than you would like, right?

Therefore, before leaving all that behind, free yourself and put your mind blank you have to prepare yourself and achieve an environment that favors your well-being. Or, otherwise, it will be much more difficult, it will cost you more time and you will end up leaving.

First of all, make sure you book a moment that you know you will truly be available. So if right after you have a personal or professional commitment, an appointment or something you should do very urgently, you better leave it for another day.

Once you have already released a hole in your agenda, try to get rid of everything that could generate more distractions. We refer especially to your mobile phone and other devices.

Pin it, put it in airplane mode or turn it off if necessary. You never know who can call you or write you a message at the most inopportune moment. And normally, and except for special cases, nothing is so urgent.

Now yes: already with a good margin of time and without more distractions, choose a comfortable place, silent and give you good feelings. We also recommend that you wear comfortable clothes and with which you feel comfortable, and much better if it is light colors or even white.

This is one of the best techniques to blank your mind

You should always keep in mind that getting your mind blank is not something that is achieved overnight. It will cost you several days, weeks or even months Reach that state of total relaxation. Of course, when you build the habit and achieve it you will not want to stop practicing it.

Therefore, the most important thing to keep in mind from the beginning is that you must be patient and not give up. Although at the beginning it costs you a lot and you think that you will not achieve it, there will come a time when you are surprised to notice yourself more and more relaxed until you can put your mind blank.

Now, the next thing will be to take action, which, paradoxically, will be about trying not to do or think of anything at all. How are you going to get it? Follow this technique step by step, so take note.

Technique to leave the mind blank

Lie on your back with your legs apart and stretched, but at the same time relaxed. You may want to put a pillow or rolled towel just behind your knees. Do it if you think the position is more comfortable.

Slightly separate the arms from the body and put the palms of the hands up. Now is the time to continue breathing. Inhale through the nose and focus on how your stomach swells with each inhalation. Hold the air for a few seconds and blow it out by mouth.

Is about be present in every second and movement. Focus on everything every time you breathe out that air, because with it the bad thoughts and your worries will follow, little by little. So, until almost without realizing it you stop feeling your arms and legs.

You will reach such a state of relaxation that you will only be aware of your breathing. And the more you advance in the technique and the more relaxed you get, the more you'll end up forgetting your own breathing.

When you feel that you have reached this point, the following will, in effect, leave your mind blank, visualizing this color. We do not deny that it will take time, but once you get it you will want to stay in this state as much as possible. Enjoy it!

This technique is one of the most effective to leave your mind blank, but there are also others activities you can turn to relax equally, you just have to choose the ones that motivate you the most: enjoying nature, listening to relaxing music, practicing yoga or meditation ...

The main thing will always be that you concentrate on the task you are doing to the fullest, and that you are able to enjoy it until you leave all your thoughts and worries behind. Start with a few minutes a day and in a few months you will be surprised by everything you have achieved.