Block for thinking too much

Block for thinking too much

Many times, it is inevitable to tend to analyze things in search of finding the best solution. But on the other hand, if we think too much, we run the risk of seeing everything with pessimism and not moving forward. Is this also your case?

The consequences of thinking too much

This is not about putting your mind blank and stop thinking about all your worries at once. It is natural that we spend some time a day thinking about things, because it is within our nature to want to improve them.

However, when this activity takes more time than necessary and we engage in our thoughts trying to analyze and think the same thing over and over again, all the time, we can fall into a loop from which it will be very difficult to leave.

And so it is, because the more time we devote to thoughts without looking for the exit alley, the more it will cost us to unlock and get out of this situation. Well, in the end, pessimism will eventually blind us and we will think that everything is much worse than it really is.

In addition, we will not only be spending our valuable time on something useless such as thinking too much until we block, but this could also have very dangerous consequences for our health and fitness, apart from our mental state.

If we continue this way for a long time, not only will our mood be altered but we will end up suffering from other ailments, such as muscle tension and headache, to name just a couple of them.

Therefore, if you discover yourself thinking more about problems that have a solution or not, you should not let it go. Well before what you believe, this could evolve and become something much longer in time and that would require professional help.

The first step in solving it will be, indeed, that we realize our own problem. Only thereafter can we start taking action to reverse this situation and begin to see life in a different way and with greater optimism, despite the inconveniences that we inevitably encounter in life.

What can we do to stop thinking so much and enjoy more?

It is true that friends and family, as well as professionals and through other resources that you can find in books or online, can indicate and recommend various guidelines and advice when addressing this problem.

But first of all, it is vitally important that you understand that the change will not occur overnight, and it can take days, weeks or even months to reach a real change and stop worrying excessively about everything around you.

So, once you have recognized that you have a problem and that you think too much, as well as that this may take longer than expected, it will be time to get down to work and start implementing a simple but effective techniques for you to learn to see Things differently.

First, every time you run into a problem or something that worries you, ask yourself: Is this really as serious as I think? Although it seems an absurd question, the truth is that it is not.

Once you think about the answer, you will immediately realize that except in cases of force majeure, nothing is as serious as it seems at the beginning. Especially if you are an emotional person, you will think of the worst possible scenario, to finally realize that there was little chance of the worst happening.

Many times, asking yourself this simple question will help you relativize things and give each one the importance it really has. But there may be other times when before thinking more, the most effective is to block your thoughts.

Has a new concern suddenly arisen and you know in advance that it is not so much, but at the same time it is hard for you to stop thinking about it? In these cases, as soon as you realize, Try to suddenly cut off all those thoughts that are blocking you.

To make this task something easier, you can start taking another action immediately, and much better even if it is something that really relaxes you and you enjoy doing. Whether cooking, doing some exercise, listening to music or reading something you like ...

The main thing will be to keep you busy, so that those thoughts that previously tormented you do not do it again. And in the case that it is again, repeat the action until it completely leaves your head.

It goes without saying that, as human beings are social beings, we will find relief and understanding in our equals. So if something worries you and you don't stop thinking about it, it will be very effective for you to share it with someone.

Most likely, that person, seeing your problem from outside and with a certain perspective, can make you think of something that you had not fallen or give you good advice to help you out of the loop. So never underestimate the healing power of a good conversation With someone you trust.