Famous phrases of Jordan Peterson

Famous phrases of Jordan Peterson

Jordan Peterson He is a clinical psychologist, cultural critic and researcher on the psychology of personality, religions and ideologies. He is Canadian and teaches at the University of Toronto. Politically and morally conservative, he is known for his criticism of cultural Marxism.

Jordan Peterson not only is it a great intellectual, professor and psychologist, but his books try to offer a personal and spiritual way out of the socio-cultural chaos prevailing in West. It has been very attacked by groups feminists, LGBT, leftists, etc. However, it is also admired by millions of people around the world.

So is Jordan Peterson; loved by some, hated by others, but indifferent to no one. Let's get to know him a little more through some of his phrases more controversial:

Famous phrases of Jordan Peterson

"If you continue to accept being a slave, you will continue to generate tyrants."

“People think that the purpose of memory is to remember the past and that is not the purpose of memory. The purpose of memory is to extract from the past, lessons to structure the future. ”

"Life is a sequence of problems that must be solved, if you do not solve them you will suffer and die."

"Compare who you were yesterday, not how it is today."

"Order your house perfectly before criticizing the world."

“Aim high. Set your sights on the improvement of the Self. Align yourself, in your soul, with the Truth and the Higher Good. There is a habitable order to establish and there is beauty to bring into existence. There is evil to defeat, suffering to calm, and it is you who have to improve yourself. This is, in my interpretation, what constitutes the ethical summit of the Western canon. ”

“Become friends with who wants the best for you.”

"Treat yourself as someone you have a responsibility to help."

"Weak and miserable as you are, you can still face the terrible tragedy of life and prevail."

“There is an attack, a tendency of those who defend the doctrine of patriarchal tyranny. Most of our hierarchical structures are based on competencies and, to the extent that the aspiration for power and hierarchy are associated with masculinity, we associate masculinity with tyranny. And this is very hard for young people, for men who want to aspire to be competent, and it is the cause of that crisis. ”

"Positive discrimination as a corrective element is horrible."

"You are more likely to be a victim of violence if you are a man."

“We do not live a patriarchal tyranny. Characterizing the male-female relationship as a domain relationship ignores history. In the Industrial Revolution, for example, men and women cooperated to survive, to push their children forward and that is a much healthier summary of history than the oppression of women. ”

"If you are not willing to err, you can never become a teacher."

"People develop an ideological vision of the world because they don't want to think about things in a really detailed way."

"In a crisis, the inevitable suffering that life implies can quickly reduce the idea that happiness is the proper purpose of the individual."

“In the West, we have moved away from our cultures focused on traditions, religions and even nations, in part to lessen the danger of group conflict. But more and more we fall prey to the despair of meaninglessness, and that is not an improvement at all. ”

"Inequality is real but there is no gender pay gap."

“The hierarchy of dominance is not capitalism. It is not communism, either. It is not the military-industrial complex. Nor is it the patriarchy, that disposable, malleable, arbitrary cultural device. It is not even a human creation, not in the deepest sense. It is instead an almost eternal aspect of the environment. ... We have fought for a position since before we had skin, or hands, or lungs, or bones. Little is more natural than culture. Domain hierarchies are older than trees. ”

“Many people carry the intolerable weight of disgust for themselves, self-contempt, shame and complexes. ... We deserve respect. You deserve respect. You are important to other people, as much as for yourself. And you have a vital role to play in the developing destiny of the world. You are, therefore, morally obligated to take care of yourself. You should take care of yourself, help yourself and be good to yourself in the same way that you should take care, help and be good with someone you love and value. ”

"By assuming a sacrifice, our ancestors began to manifest what would be considered a proposal, if it were expressed in words: that in the future something better could be achieved if something of value is renounced in the present."

“Children suffer in the modern world. … Girls play, for example, boys games, but boys resist more to play girls games. This is partly because it is admirable for a girl to win when she competes with a boy. It's also good to lose with a child. But for a boy, winning a girl is not good, and often losing to a girl is less good.

"Work with all your strength on at least one thing and see what happens."

"People generally do not change unless a traumatic event occurs in their life that triggers the brain to a new action."

"If religion was the opium of the masses, then communism was the methamphetamine of the masses."