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Sacrifice phrases

Sacrifice phrases

Whether for a friend, a family member, for our own children or in more everyday situations of day to day or work, surely on more than one occasion we will all have sacrificed, to a greater or lesser extent.

It is possible that many times we may feel that we are sacrificing ourselves in vain or that the effort will not be worth it. It is in these cases that we should not lose sight of our objective and think above all of the result that we will achieve in the end.

Whether to improve some aspect of our personal life or our professional field, over the years each and every one of us will face more or less difficult decisions. That's why we look for inspiration in phrases about sacrifice It can sometimes give us the necessary push.

The best phrases about sacrifice

To sacrifice is to try a thousand times without knowing if you will succeed.

Sacrifice is not synonymous with suffering. It is synonymous that we persevere and bet on what we really want.

It doesn't matter how many times you fail. If you persevere and put your focus on the motivation for your sacrifice, the time will come when you will achieve it.

Having a purpose is the first step to learn to sacrifice, innovate and progress.

Before saying something is impossible, reflect and think first if it really is.

Even if you lose, persevere to achieve it whatever your circumstances.

Suffering should be used as an opportunity to get up and learn.

Even from failures you can always create new achievements.

Surrendering is a right, but it is not an option.

Stop fighting is the only thing that should be considered a real failure.

Talent will be absolutely useless if we do not accompany it with effort and perseverance all the way.

Perseverance will be your best travel companion in life, the one that will take you further.

The most valuable thing to sacrifice is to move forward when you have less strength and everything seems to collapse around you.

If we want to make the most of our potential and our sacrifice, we must make a continuous and constant effort.

It is not necessary to have great achievements, but to move forward and not backward.

Success is only achieved by those who are willing to persevere and sacrifice for what they most want.

Problems can make you grow or they can destroy you. The choice is yours.

You have to have courage and courage to fail again and again and keep trying. That is the real success.

With a little more persistence and sacrifice, you can transform failures into successes and joys.

Do not neglect your projects. Keep walking towards him, even if you do it slowly. Slowly but surely, that is the key.

Any step, however small it may seem, brings you a little closer to your goals.

You can achieve any purpose, but you must get going, leave your fears behind, make decisions and keep persevering.

There are many people who, from a foreseeable failure, have reaped the greatest success thanks to their sacrifice.

Only with perseverance and perseverance can we achieve the impossible.

Search inside and in your soul when you are worse and you will find all the strength you need.

Impossible? Undo this word from your vocabulary and you'll see what happens in a few days.

Success is the direct consequence of perseverance.

When the sacrifice becomes excessive and even dangerous

However, although life is not always going to be a path of roses and we will have to face several challenges and sacrifices, we must also set a limit if we don't want our mental health to be altered.

When the sacrifice we are making is excessive, it consumes all our strength and we do not achieve our goals no matter how much we try, it is time to stop to reflect. To do this, this collection of more specific phrases may help you to do so.

  • Try once, twice, three times and as many as necessary. Whenever you are sure where you are going.
  • If your goals and actions are properly aligned, don't give up. Sooner or later you will reach the goal.
  • Before embarking on a journey of struggle and exhaustion, ask yourself: does this bring you closer to the person you really want to be?
  • It is human to want to strive to later surrender and give up. In those moments, think: what have you been looking for was what really made you happy?

Sacrifice for something or for someone at some time in our lives is something totally natural and that many times we will do without thinking. After all, it is part of our human nature the fight for what we want. And you, when was the last time you fought for something with all your energy?