Psychology phrases, aphorisms to evoke emotions

Psychology phrases, aphorisms to evoke emotions

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Next we are going to show you a series of phrases that many psychologists use in their consultation for therapeutic purposes. Also called "Therapeutic aphorisms", are fast formulas that produce evocative effects thanks to language. In this case we propose aphorisms to evoke emotions.

They have the ability to awaken in the interlocutor images and vivid and intense sensations, which although seem innocuous cause specific perceptions and induce reactions when used in context and with the right person.

They are metaphors that evoke, but at the same time grant freedom to the interlocutor to interpret them. It is a way to get a great result with minimal effort.

Use suffering and its strength to guide you towards change: "As in martial arts, it does not use many blows, but only one at the right pressure point to bring down the adversary." It has been compared to the sharp blade of a scalpel that can penetrate and cut simultaneously. If it is known to use with surgical precision, it produces extraordinary results.


  • 1 Evocative phrases for anxiety
  • 2 Evocative phrases about fear
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  • 4 Aphorisms for therapists

Evocative phrases for anxiety

Anxiety with fear and fear with anxiety contribute to rob the human being of his most essential qualities. One of them is reflection. Konrad Lorenz

Not content with real sufferings, the anxious imposes himself imaginary. E. Ciorán

Many problems feed on what we do to combat them

I think that the anxiety that circulates in my life is born of an imbalance between who I am what I should be. My anxiety does not originate in a vision of the future but in the desire to subject it to my will. Hugh Prather

Each morning has two handles, we can take the day by the handle of anxiety or by the handle of faith. Henry Ward Beecher

The pain in the present is experienced as an offense. Pain in the past is remembered as anger. Pain in the future is perceived as anxiety. Deepak Chopra

I do not increase a gram because my anxiety works like aerobic exercises. Woody Allen

The natural role of a man of the twentieth century is anxiety. Norman Mailer

No human thing deserves great anxiety. Plato

Action is the best antidote for anxiety and information the only remedy to combat uncertainty. John verdon

Anxiety does not exhaust the anguish of tomorrow, it only exhausts the strength of today. Bernardo Stamateas

In a moment I felt beset by anxiety. But I got rid of fear studying the sky, determining when the moon would rise and where the sun would appear in the morning. Louise Bourgeois

Free yourself from anxiety, think that what should be, will be, and will happen naturally. Facundo Cabral

Stupids are better preserved physically because they are not corroded by the existential anxiety to which more or less lucid people are subjected. Eduardo Sacheri

Hope means that one does not yield to anxiety, defeatism or depression when encountering difficulties and setbacks. Daniel Goleman

There are times when all the accumulated anxiety and effort are held in the infinite indolence and rest of nature. Henry David Thoreau

Anxiety is the anticipated experience of failure. Seth godin

The pain does not follow us, walk forward. Porchia

Evocative phrases about fear

From what I have fear is your fear. William Shakespeare

Fear is always willing to see things worse than they are. Tito Livio

It is not necessary to know the danger to be afraid; in fact, the unknown dangers are the ones that inspire the most fear. Alexander Dumas

Above all, do not be afraid of the people, it is more conservative than you! Napoleon Bonaparte

Religions are founded on the fear of many and the liveliness of few. Stendhal

Nobody reach the top with the fear. Publio Siro

When someone is feared it is because that someone has been granted power over us. Hermann Hesse

For those who are afraid, everything is noise. Sophocles

Do not be afraid of poverty or exile, or jail, or death. What you have to be afraid of is fear itself. Epictetus of Phrygia

Fear is nothing more than an upside down desire. Loved nerve

The height of unhappiness is to fear something, when nothing is expected. Seneca

Good luck frees many of their punishment, but no one from fear. Seneca

Fear is always willing to see the worst things of what they are. Tito Livio

The bravery that many flaunt is a skillful calculation about the fear that dominates their adversaries. Honoré de Balzac

There is no medicine for fear. Scottish proverb

Fear is the form of our subordination to physical laws. Benito Pérez Galdós

The heart that is full of fear must be empty of hope. Fray Antonio de Guevara

There is nothing I am as afraid of as I am afraid of. Michel de Montaigne

Great fears are hidden under the mask of recklessness. Marco Anneo Lucano

Fear is my most faithful companion, it has never tricked me into leaving with another. Woody Allen

The fear of not being up to it is a weapon that allows me to climb one more step. Old Japanese Koan.

Not that I'm afraid of dying, I just want to not be there when it happens. Woody Allen

Only one thing makes an impossible dream: the fear of failure. Paulo Coelho

Fear is a suffering that produces the waiting for evil. Aristotle

Do not fear either prison, poverty, or death. Fear fear. Giacomo Leopardi

Hope and fear are inseparable. Francois de la Rochefoucauld

The fear of not being up to it is a weapon that allows me to climb one more step. Old Japanese Koan.

Phrases that reveal and reveal

The man is perishable. It may be, but we perish resisting, and if nothing is what is reserved for us, let's make this an injustice.

In times of change, those who are open to learning will take over the future, while those who believe they know everything will be well equipped for a world that no longer exists. Eric Hoffer

There are no bad companies but corrupt people.

We want to avoid the error but in reality it is the error that, through the modification of our visions and actions, makes us improve.

The fact of showing instead of hiding our limitations allows us to overcome them.

Fragility confessed ceases to be and becomes a strong point.

When everything falls on us we learn to use all our resources and build a castle with the rubble of the previous one.

An obsession lived to satiety is annulled in its own excesses.

The best way to get rid of temptation is to fall into it.

If you avoid pleasure you will feel overwhelmed by it. It's about establishing a balance game: grant it to you but in a controlled way.

Sometimes with the best intentions the worst results are obtained.

While we pursue the unreachable we make the attainable impossible.

An unsolicited help not only does not help, but it hurts.

If you use the enemy to defeat the enemy, you will be powerful wherever you go. Sun Tzu

Whoever judges everything easy will find life difficult. Lao Tse

May the Master become a needle and the disciple thread, and may the two train without rest. Miyamoto Musahi

If you cannot be strong, and yet you cannot be weak, that will result in your defeat. Sun Tzu

To see yourself is to be clairvoyant. Lao Tse

Life is a game, play it. Shatya Sai Baba

Knowing when you have enough is to be rich. Lao Tse

What is gained by reason and dialogue lasts forever. Hironori Ohtsuka

A wise general looks after the enemy. Sun Tzu

If you and I argue and you beat me, will yours be true and my fake? Lao Tse

If your opponent thinks of mountains, he attacks like the sea, and if he thinks like the sea, he attacks like mountains. Miyamoto Musashi

When the orders are reasonable, fair, simple, clear and consistent, there is reciprocal satisfaction between the leader and the group. Sun Tzu

Elegant words are not sincere; Sincere words are not elegant. Lao Tse

Our resentment comes from the fact of having been inferior to our possibilities and not being able to reach ourselves. And we will never forgive others. E. Ciorán

I carry in me all the scars of the battles that I avoided fighting. F. Pessoa

If you do what you have always done, you will get what you have always obtained. A. Robbins

Man is not a child of circumstances, but circumstances are creatures of man. Epicurus

Water conquers everything because it adapts to everything. Heraclitus

Who forgives everything, must have forgiven everything. Porchia

One wants everything to be harmonious, in our environment and in our own life. A wish too small. There is nothing better than rising above it all. Schuon

Aphorisms for therapists

Before convincing the intellect it is essential to touch and predispose the heart. B. Pascal

If you want to persuade someone, use the same arguments. Aristotle

If you want to convince others you must seem willing to be convinced. B. Pascal

The teacher is the fair synthesis of natural disposition and constant exercise. Protágoras

Many words are never a sign of much wisdom. Talete

Most people listen with the intention of responding, not with the desire to understand. A. C. Doyle

There are no impossible patients, but incapable therapists. D. D. Jackson

Positive phrases for life