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Elimination of Violence Against Women

Elimination of Violence Against Women

Violence against women and girls has been replicating over the years, about 137 women in the world are killed daily by a member of their family, in less than half of these cases, they were killed by those who, at some point It was his partner. The reports of the WHO (World Health Organization), report that 32 out of every 100 women who were killed and suffered previous torture, highlight that violence against women is “a global health problem of epidemic proportions”.

In the framework of the commemoration of International Day for the Elimination of Violence Against Women, which is celebrated on November 25, many governments, institutions and international organizations will talk about all the "big" actions they have done to defend women and girls. However, given the statistical evidence, it can be seen that Institutional efforts and programs implemented have been insufficient to solve such a serious social problem. How is violence against women.


  • 1 We are not numbers: We are women and girls with names
  • 2 Groups of greater vulnerability
  • 3 Cyberbullying
  • 4 Train your body & your mind
  • 5 Woman, don't minimize yourself: Empower yourself!
  • 6 violent families
  • 7 Men and women united against gender violence

We are not numbers: We are women and girls with names

Violence against women represents one of the most widespread human rights violations worldwide. We look at the figures, but what if instead of numbers we put the names and faces of each of the victims and with them the name of some of their loved ones, because they also carry a very big penalty on themselves, since many have suffered the most serious effects of this type of violence: feminicides and disappearance of so many women, being the Young people and girls the population that is most at risk:

For every 4 child victims of human trafficking, three are girls who were taken from the family, today their parents do not know if they are alive or dead, with all that this implies. It is worth mentioning that four out of every five women and three out of four girls victims of human trafficking are for sexual exploitation purposes.

Although the figures of violence are alarming, the reality is even more so, it is worth mentioning that in the countries where there is more violence, the same UN (United Nations Organization) in its statistics tells us that its data is insufficient, We also know that most of the times the aggressions are not reported and that although international organizations help to implement good programs, certain countries are so corrupted by gender violence, corruption and impunity that do not put them into practice as they should. Social adaptation, crime prevention and recidivism programs need to be reviewed and improved.

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Groups of greater vulnerability

While we are indifferent to many issues, in other parts of the world: 200 million women and girls between 15 and 19 years of age have suffered female genital mutilation, at least in 30 countries where there are data; 12 million girls under 18 are married every year in sub-Saharan Africa; 15 million women between 15 and 19 years have been forced to have forced sexual relations (intercourse or other sexual practices) at some time in their lives; In most countries, the main risk for teenage girls is to be forced to have sex with your current or former partner.

The most vulnerable groups, They are composed of women:

  • Natives.
  • Migrants
  • Women with disabilities
  • People who have ways of manifesting their sexual diversity, other than monogamous heterosexuality, such as members of the LGBT community (lesbian, gay, bisexual, transsexual), among others.
  • Religious minorities

Why do we continue to fear what is different from us? There is wealth in diversity!

Cyber ​​bullying

With the use of social networks has increased cyberbullying, what does this type of harassment imply? Having received messages and / or emails: unwanted, sexually explicit and offensive; or, inappropriate and offensive attempts on social networks.

Many cases of suicide, depression and others Serious problems have arisen after years of cyber bullying, many parents realize when it's too late: one in ten women in the European Union declared having suffered cyberbullying from the age of 15, the risk is greater for young women between the ages of 18 and 29.

Train your body & your mind

Only in Mexico, a woman dies every two and a half hours. Although the intention of many of us is not to fight or have a confrontation, we must prepare with discipline in every way and as good warriors: strengthen our body, our mind and our spirit, as far as possible.

We cannot protect our daughters at all hours and in all situations or stages alike, many acts of rejection and violence are carried out in their study centers. Sexual abuse of minors in most cases occurs at home and among family members: “Remember that the law is not to protect you, or to take care of your children. It is to punish the crime, if they find or at least in your country look for the guilty. ”

We have to learn to defend ourselves and take care of ourselves, to use technology in our favor. There are applications that can help us stay a little safer, in Mexico, for example, a family began developing smart jewelry to prevent theft and kidnapping: Geek & Chic We need to strengthen our social support networks; and in turn teach girls and our daughters to do so, promote autonomy and self-reliance from an early age, because the Being financially dependent is the reason why many victims cannot leave their circle of violence.

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Woman, don't minimize yourself: Empower yourself!

Maybe you think you are too young or too adult to do something about it, maybe you have a privileged position on this planet, as well as other problems on your agenda to solve ... But today I want to tell you that indifference is a great evil of our times and it is generating other social problems. All women, regardless of their age, from their areas of knowledge, with their skills, talents, experience, with their ardent desire to seek a better world, can be potential agents of change.

Society needs strong, prepared, independent women who, from their areas of expertise, want to make profound changes: in their person, in their family and in their society, with that inner fire and passion that distinguishes our gender.

Sometimes, it can be difficult to talk about certain issues with family, friends or even with your religious community, because of the stigma, shame, beliefs, customs and customs of each group: “there is a lot of violence against women, even disguised as mercy, repression has many masks. ”If within you there is a great emotional suffering and you have not been able to process it, it is advisable for your health that you start a psychological treatment, you can free yourself from great psychic burdens when talking with a health professional, whose objective is to help you fulfill yours, without prejudice.

A serious consequence of violence against women is disability, and with it the abuse is accentuated.

Violent families

Unfortunately, much of the violence comes from our families of origin. There is traditions and customs that are explicit violence against women, is rooted in the collective unconscious, however, although it is common, even if it comes from other women, even in the form of a joke, it is not a healthy practice and you do not have to allow it if you do not want to lend yourself for that, remember that “an intimidation can come disguised as a joke, but it's still a threat. ”

If you come from a violent family and want to change that pernicious paradigm, you can do it, if in your family nucleus they don't understand the limits of respect, if they have violated your rights as a human being, it may be time to prepare to get away from them. Denial is a destructive type of defense mechanism, change is not always easy for oneself, even having the will, do not expect that by the fact that you have decided to change, others do. The world is very large and diverse, just as there are people who like to violate the rights of others, there are people who seek to live in harmony, respect and tolerance.

"We can not choose our family, nor some difficult life situations that we had to live, but we can decide from today to choose another type of healthier relationships."

Men and women united against gender violence

Men and women can be the hope For women of all ages who are currently being deprived of any rights, your actions may be as large or small as you prefer, but they will surely have an impact, at least on someone else's life.

Above all they can be transition agents in their own family tree, because the root of this social conflict is implanted, cared for and nurtured from many cells of our society or 'families'. We cannot change the world, but we can modify our behaviors and learn to live in respect from our homes and build a "little piece of heaven." It is difficult when there is no other way of interacting than the same violence, but it is possible, what is sometimes impossible is to survive with the consequences of not making the relevant changes, remember that: “what you do or stop doing , it will have replicas not only in your life, but in that of your children, nephews and future generations. ”

The right to life, to a decent life, to health, among others, is something that women should not ask for, it is something that should exist: let's work together for it! Maybe it's time to take a look at our history and take care not to repeat the same mistakes ... Otherwise, as Carl Sagan (1997) said in "The World and its Demons": we can enter another period of obscurantism.

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