Famous Stendhal phrases (Henri Beyle)

Famous Stendhal phrases (Henri Beyle)

Stendhal is the pseudonym he used Henri Beyle in his works. This author, of French origin, lived between 1783 and 1842 and was very famous for the psychological analysis of his characters and for his concise style.

He is considered one of the greatest exponents of realism. Proof of this are his novels Red and black Y The Charterhouse of Parma.

Stendhal He went to live in Italy in 1815 for a few years. He was based in Milan. Years later, he would publish a work called Rome, Naples and Florence. It is said that, one day, Stendhal He was so impressed when he visited the Basilica of Santa CruzIn Florence, he suffered a kind of ecstasy.

That's where the bad traveler or Syndrome of Stendhal, which is produced by admiring many magnificent works of art in a very short time.

Famous Stendhal phrases

"Going without love for life is like going to battle without music, like taking a trip without a book, like going through the sea without a star to guide us."

"The word has been granted to man so that he disguises his thoughts with her."

"Love is a beautiful flower, but you have to have the courage to pick it up at the edge of a cliff."

"It is a very common reflection, but that with this same pretext we forget that sensitive souls are increasingly rare and more ordinary educated people."

"Try not to spend your life hating and being afraid."

"The man who has not loved passionately ignores the most beautiful half of life."

"The soul is the set of passions."

"Love is a beautiful flower, but you have to have the courage to pick it up at the edge of a cliff."

"The gift of pleasing a person is both less deep and more general."

"There is nothing that the mediocre hate more than the superiority of talent: this is, in our day, the true source of hate."

"Who has another language has another soul."

"If the soul is worried about feeling shame and overcoming it, it cannot feel pleasure."

"A book is a mirror that walks along a great avenue."

"Love is like fever: it is born and extinguished without the will taking the least part of it."

"To have firmness of character is to have experienced the effect of others on oneself: then others are needed."

"To want is to have the courage to bump into obstacles."

"Life runs away: don't show yourself so difficult to the happiness that comes along."

"Be the opposite of what they expect you to be."

“Do you think it's a man full of merit? Put obstacles to your wishes, to all your companies. If his merits are truly such, he will find a way to bring down or overcome obstacles. ”

"Having the firm character is having a long and solid experience of the disappointments and misfortunes of life."

“I honor the custom of carrying out painful and useful actions to others with the name of virtue.”

“There is something we never praise in the dead, the cause of all the other praises we make of them; let them be dead. "

“Since I have nothing to read, I write. It's the same kind of pleasure, but with more intensity. "

“It takes as much courage in the writer as in the warrior; nor should he think of the journalists, and this one in the hospital. "

"All the great writers have been romantic in their time."

“A novel is like a musical arch; the violin box that emits the sounds is the soul of the reader. "

“The theater author cannot paint things more than a bit rough; I don't need to have more intelligence than the spectators. ”

"Good music is not confused, it went directly to the bottom of the soul in search of the pain that devours us."

"In the arts, it is only lived by what continuously gives pleasure."

“The verses were invoked to help memory. To keep them in the dramatic art is to pay tribute to barbarism. "

"Religions are founded on the fear of many and the liveliness of few."

"Beauty is nothing but the promise of happiness."

"There are no more legitimate unions than those governed by a true passion."

"When the beloved woman has just been seen intimately, the presence of any other woman causes a kind of physical discomfort to the eye."

"The fidelity of married women, marriage is not encouraged by love, is probably something against nature."

"The greatest happiness that love can give is the first handshake of the beloved woman."

"Love is like fever: It springs and increases against our will."

“There is only one way to achieve more fidelity for women in marriage: Grant freedom to young women, married people.”

"The difference between the infidelity of the two sexes is so real that a passionate woman can forgive an infidelity that is a problem for the man."