20 famous phrases of Francisco de Goya

20 famous phrases of Francisco de Goya

Francisco de Goya He was a Spanish painter who developed many styles, but always giving him a touch of his own. He lived during the years 1746-1828. His painting was so significant and important that it was known as "goyesca"This type of painting is among the antecedents of expressionism.

To Francisco de Goya He is also known for portraying scenes and characters from the War of Independencethat kept Spain against him French Empire. Some of them very sordid and dark, represented the cruelty and destruction that war entails.

Famous phrases of Francisco de Goya

“Fantasy, isolated from reason, only produces impossible monsters. Together with her, however, she is the mother of art and the source of her desires. ”

"I want to be free."

"The house is the burial of women."

"The act of painting is about a heart telling another heart where it found its salvation."

"I feel burning desires to perpetuate through the brush the most remarkable and heroic actions or scenes of our glorious insurrection against the tyrant of Europe."

“No one knows each other. The world is a farce, faces, voices, costumes; everything is a lie."

"Time also paints."

“Their exceptional qualities are spoiled by those dawned teachers who always see lines and never bodies. But where do they find lines in nature? I do not distinguish more than luminous bodies and dark bodies, planes that move forward and planes that move away, reliefs and concavities. ”

"The dream of the reason produces monsters."

"The greatest enemy of the Aragonese are the Aragonese"

“Fatal consequences of the bloody war in Spain with Bonaparte. And other emphatic whims. ”

"My brush should not be better than my eyes."

"I have established an enviable way to make a living, if someone needs me they should come to me."

“I work for the public, with which I must continue having fun.”

“Velázquez is one of the three greatest influences of my art. The other two are nature and Rembrandt. ”

"There are no rules in art"

"I am still learning."

"Many have persecuted me, but if they had no rank, no power, I didn't paint for them."

"The beauty of my son has disappeared and is now a monster covered with smallpox bites ... Can you imagine how I felt?"

“Don't look at what we were; look what we are. ”