The bangover or sexual hangover

The bangover or sexual hangover

About sexual tastes we will not get tired of saying that there is nothing written, that there are as many sexualities as there are people. There are those who like soft and unhurried sex, and others like fast and we also find lovers of intense and excessive experiences.


  • 1 What is the bangover?
  • 2 Why is it so attractive?
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What is the bangover?

Who likes the last guy, the bangover It will be of your favorites. This is a pun that in English means bang (term used to have sex with someone) and hangover (which in English means hangover) and refers to muscle discomfort that occurs the day after the sexual encounter. It is a type of hangover that has nothing to do with the amount of alcohol ingested (although there may be alcohol in between) but with the intensity of sex practiced the previous day, although the effects on the body are usually very similar to those of a hangover alcoholic Not only is muscle pain experienced, but it is also common for thirst and appetite increase. In addition, it is very common for libido to decrease in the following days as a reaction of the body to sexual binge.

In short, it is a muscle hangover produced by the sores that remain in the body after a marathon sex session. Pain in the buttocks, back and especially in the genitals and erogenous areas.

This is a sexual tendency that is not suitable for the public and that requires a little common sense but whose possibilities are endless. Is about have wild sex with a single partner in sexual encounters of more than six hours. Its objective is to live sexuality in the most intense way possible, so vaginal, oral, anal sex or any other practice accepted by the participants is included in this type of encounter. The use of toys and costumes is allowed, also the role play or the practice of paraphilias and fantasies. Everything that is done is consented and by mutual agreement between both parties, such as masturbating in front of the couple, biting, etc.

Therefore, it is about turning sex into an intense physical exercise, into a kind of sexual marathon.

Why is it so attractive?

It is a very effective technique for reconciliation in couples when they cannot have sex very oftenThey are lovers of intense sensations and morbidity or have simply entered into routine and sexual boredom. It is a time that the couple reserves to sexuality and that to perform it correctly at first it is not allowed to take breaks to eat or take a nap. Interaction is another fundamental aspect of this technique.

When the couple has been together for a while, it is normal for the routine to appear and they end up repeating postures and roles. So the bangover can help the flame of passion stay on, breaking clichés and leaving the comfort zone (and if you can, from the bedroom). Any corner of the house is valid, the dining room table, the kitchen countertop, the floor. It is about innovating, so you have to avoid the most common sexual positions (very important, without harming us)


Although it is a binge and as such the chances of ending physical discomfort and fatigue are almost certain, there are some recommendations from the experts to make the hangover a little less intense and easier for them to want to repeat it on another occasion:

  • The use of force should be moderate. Do not force too much since the idea is to have fun, not to hurt.
  • The movements must be progressive, from soft to intense, with the greatest possible rhythm.
  • It's not about being aggressive or violent but about building muscle strength to perform more advanced postures.
  • When the intensity drops, it's time to let the genitals rest and to use the tongue or hands.
  • The insinuating dances, or masturbating in front of the couple, are things that can stimulate again and prepare for a new encounter
  • Although the idea is to enjoy sex without distractions, yes that small bites are allowed not to faint and end up in the emergency room with extreme exhaustion. Some fruits or some wine, some sweets, may be enough to last several hours.

To relieve this hangover once it is established, what you should do is hydrate, rest and stretching to relieve muscle aches. And if the discomfort is very strong and does not allow daily tasks, a paracetamol can be used. Recall that it is a hangover with similar effects that the hangover by alcohol.

Now that we know what it is and its effects are our decision, and of our partner, to end the next day with the aching body if we want to carry out this practice.


// retrieved on November 29, 2019

// retrieved on November 29, 2019