Alexander Fleming's famous phrases

Alexander Fleming's famous phrases

Alexander Fleming He was a Scottish scientist who lived between 1881 and 1955. He specialized in microbiology and received the Nobel Prize in medicine.

Alexander Fleming He was able to save millions of lives thanks to his discovery about how the penicillin, and its antibiotic action.

For these discoveries, he received recognition from the scientific community and from around the world, culminating with the Nobel Prize in 1945. Unfortunately, a heart attack ended his life in 1955, a few years after his wife died.

Alexander Fleming's famous phrases

"For the researcher there is no joy comparable to that of a discovery, however small."

"Sometimes you make a finding when you're not looking for it."

“The researcher suffers the disappointments, the long months spent in the wrong direction, the failures. But failures are also useful, because, well analyzed, they can lead to success. ”

"A gardener should not be impatient. Flowers need time to develop; if you try to hasten their growth, they do more harm than good. They can be protected against the elements, they can be fed and drunk, but not it is difficult to kill them if they are given too much food or drinks that are too strong. They respond to sympathy; they are able to withstand extremely hard treatments. In short, they are very similar to humans. "

"It is not the marble hallways that provide intellectual greatness, but the investigator's soul and brain."

“There are simple rules for the use of Penicillin: use it only for microbes that are vulnerable to it, apply the indicated dose and that the treatment lasts long enough to eliminate the infection; Following these rules, everyone will be satisfied; otherwise, the result will be disappointing. ”

"Your meetings have been chaired by colonels, captains, sergeants and others, but it is the first time that your chairman is a humble second-class soldier. I was always humble in the regiment; I never discussed an order of a sergeant or a corporal. ; regarding the officers, I don't remember ever receiving a direct order from them. ”

“Humility brought great advantages. It was not necessary to think, it was enough to obey. The officer was obliged to think, since most of the time he did not know at all what was necessary and, nevertheless, he had to do something or discharge his responsibility in the sergeant major. The sergeant major did not know either, but since he could not hold anyone responsible, he had to give an intelligent order or not. As for the sergeants, they were always sure of themselves, especially when they knew nothing about an issue ... "

"If penicillin can cure the sick, wine can resurrect the dead."

"A good shot of whiskey at bedtime is not very scientific, but it helps."