Natural remedies to fight insomnia

Natural remedies to fight insomnia

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The Insomnia can be understood as a difficulty to start or maintain sleep. In fact, insomnia is usually the complaint most related to sleep problems. The causes, symptoms and severity of it can vary from person to person, and may include the following points:

  • Difficulty keeping sleep all night in a row
  • Difficulty falling asleep
  • Waking up too early in the morning

We include these aspects in what is known as initial insomnia in the first two points e terminal insomnia at the last point. If we refer to some data to get the idea of ​​the condition, in the population it is estimated that up to 30-35% of adults suffer. It is also necessary to differentiate insomnia from having a bad night, which, of course, can happen to anyone. However, if the person suspects that he suffers from insomnia, it is advisable to see his doctor so he can indicate the appropriate treatment.

Obviously, lack of sleep involves aspects that make our rest look depleted and therefore our quality of life is not as desired. We will take into account that there are two types of insomnia, based on their duration or be called regular, that is, according to the duration of the symptoms.

Short term insomnia

This type of insomnia is characterized by being brief, as it is estimated that it has a approximate duration of up to 3 months. It usually occurs in 15 to 20% of people.

Chronic insomnia

In this case, this kind of insomnia usually occurs at least about three times a week, lasting at least three months. About 10% of people suffer from such insomnia. Here we return to our doctor, because it should be noted that this kind of insomnia must be diagnosed by a doctor.

Insomnia can be caused by various causes, some of which are broadly explained below.


  • 1 Inadequate habits and defective sleep hygiene
  • 2 Insomnia of a psychological nature
  • 3 natural remedies
  • 4 Other tips

Inadequate habits and poor sleep hygiene

If we do not have a regular schedule both to go to bed and to get up obviously we suffer changes in habits, these alter the normal cycle known as sleep-wake, giving rise to a tendency of daytime sleepiness, among other triggers that we will certainly notice. Also the abuse of exciting substances such as, for example, coffee, tea or even soft drinks with cola, contribute to the emergence of insomnia and even drugs since the abuse of exciting substances, of course, does not help to fall asleep. Without forgetting alcohol, which can facilitate the onset of sleep, but later fragmentation occurs.

Insomnia of a psychological nature

If there is something curious and interesting in people, it is the psychological effects as well as the perception. As a general rule, people usually associate our bed and accessories (pajamas, blankets) with sleep. Well here we find what is known as psychophysiological insomnia, which consists of an inverse reaction, in which a progressive association of the room and bed with the vigil develops. This disorder is often situational and is related to some type of specific stressful event.

We could continue with more information on types of insomnia, but in any case in this post we have simply made a small introduction about its definition and some possible causes. As it is sometimes commented, a treatment is needed and for that reason as it is logical many people go to their doctor.

So, are there natural remedies to combat insomnia too? Yes, it is so, but before moving on to them we must make it clear that the first thing will be to go to our doctor and explain our situation and that the natural remedies are complementary and that it is worth asking our doctor the opinion of this complementary therapy . Therefore, if you are a person interested in natural remedies and suffer from insomnia, you may be interested in them, if you think we are going to see some, also tell you that not all of these remedies are really tested, for example drink a glass of milk before Sleep seemed to be one of them, however recently on television news suggested that it was only a myth.

Natural medicine

  • Infusions: Valerian, Valerian is a natural relaxant, it becomes a great option for people suffering from insomnia, you should drink a glass of approximately 300 milliliters with 3 to 6 drops of Valerian, it is not necessary to warm up, but it will depend It is recommended to take half an hour before going to sleep.
  • Lettuce, a great ally: Sounds curious, but it seems that lettuce has sedative properties. It is recommended to have a lettuce salad at dinner and before going to sleep do not forget to prepare an infusion of lettuce. To do this, boil water with lettuce leaves for approximately 10 minutes, then strain and let it cool. Comment that its flavor is not exactly pleasant, but everything is for a good cause, but if flavor does not get captivated you know that you can add some honey.
  • A good bath to relax: After a long and hard day a good bath will make you feel great, try it for about two hours before going to sleep, it will surely fit you very well and that defendant tiredness will have its reward when the dream arrives, but remember, two hours before, not half an hour, because you could produce the opposite effect to the desired one.
  • A chamomile, please: Before we have named the famous Valerian, but think that other herbs and also combined can help you. For example, the beloved chamomile which has calming properties, also helps relieve anxiety and tedious stress and the best you can also mix with honey. When we talk about combining them with other infusions it means that for example in between we can have a tea, if you wish.

Other tips

As you can see, these remedies are very natural, but you must also have good habits, so get down to work and you will be aware of some of these points to have a good and deserved rest:

  • Avoid copious dinners, have a light dinner, your stomach will thank you.
  • Forget the television, go to sleep that surely the next day you will notice.
  • Nothing exciting, already mentioned previously the effects that these can produce.
  • Set regular cycles. If you get up and go to bed at one hour, always be the same.
  • Listen to relaxing music. Music has an impressive power, imagine being moved to the world of relaxation.
  • A hot bath before sleep, do not miss.
  • And of course a good rest team, since we are not always aware of the importance where we sleep, if sleeping is vital it is both psychologically and physically, the spine must maintain its physiological curvature.

Well said all this and hoping you liked this modest post, I hope that Morpheus receives you with open arms and that your dreams are placid and above all optimal for your quality and well-being.