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The mandalas, origin and meaning

The mandalas, origin and meaning

The mandalas have undoubtedly become a phenomenon that captures the attention of all types of audiences, from children to adults. Its colors and geometric shapes have come to stay, although it is possible to say that its origins are older than we may think.


  • 1 The origin of mandalas
  • 2 Meaning of the shapes of mandalas
  • 3 Meaning of the colors of the mandalas

The origin of the mandalas

Mandalas have their origin in India. In fact Its name comes from Sanskrit and means wheel or circle, hence that known circular shape that it has, although it should be noted that we can currently find them with geometric shapes of all kinds.

For Buddhists, mandalas have also served over the years as an aid in the process of meditation. According to this philosophy, concentrating the mind on the realization of mandalas promotes the connection between the creator or draftsman and the divinity, a unique and special connection that has as personal development goal, even if it is simply to build an ornament, by the way more and more fashionable in many places.

Meaning of the shapes of mandalas

But mandalas are more than circles and geometric figures, they seem to have meaning according to their shape and color, which seem to be powerful allies in both meditation and healing.

In this sense, spiritual content is an aspect that is found in the mandalas and that is based on the search for a energy balance and personal transformation through meditation, practiced as is known by millions of people in the world.

Yes, for this reason we can say that painting or drawing mandalas can serve as therapyIn fact, there are centers, workshops and courses where they are used for this purpose.

But to better understand this point, we will see below the meaning given to some of the different forms that can be found in a mandala, although there are many more:

  • Circle: It means the absolute, the true Self, we speak here of our own security. It is perfection, the cosmos, movement and change.
  • Triangle: Fullness, passion and unconscious. It is vitality and transformation, it is related to water.
  • Square: It means balance, energy, enthusiasm and stability.
  • cross: Decision making, it is related to the cardinal points and the union of two opposite aspects (heaven and earth, life and death, the conscious and the unconscious), the different directions.
  • Star: Spirituality par excellence. Freedom, salvation and imagination.
  • Pentagon: They mean the elements earth, water, fire, metal and wood. It symbolizes intelligence, power, silhouette of the human body.
  • Spiral: Energies with healing character. Vitality, energy flow and healing.
  • Heart: Happiness, union, love, joy and friendship.
  • Labyrinth: Inner search, need to find the center itself.
  • Butterfly: Transformation, evolution, death and self renewal of the soul.

Meaning of the colors of the mandalas

As for the colors, we also offer a small list of the main ones and their meaning:

  • White: Purification, innocence, simplicity, optimism and longevity.
  • Black: Mystery, depth, power, silence, sobriety and independence, but also sadness and discouragement.
  • blue: Sincerity, peace, tranquility, serenity, fidelity, truth, harmony, contemplation, progress and freedom.
  • Green: Hope, balance, stability, rejuvenation and love for nature.
  • Yellow: Sympathy, optimism, joy, fun, energy, happiness, intelligence and innovation.
  • Pink: Sweetness, delicacy, friendship, gratitude, sensitivity and calm.
  • Red: Strength, passion, energy, courage, impulsiveness, desire and sensuality, but also anger, anger, anger and symbolizes everything forbidden.
  • Purple: Sensuality, mysticism and power. Spirituality is the color of contemplation par excellence. Also authority and manipulation.
  • Gray: Patience, seriousness, order, calm in the end.
  • Orange: Energy, optimism, enthusiasm, warmth, fraternity, vitality, creativity and success.
  • Golden: Wisdom, lucidity, clarity, vitality and the highest degree of spiritual perfection.
  • Silver: Psychic abilities, stabilizing fluctuating emotions, well-being and extrasensory abilities.

There are many more factors about mandalas, as well as more attributions and interpretations than those set forth here, this is only a brief summary. In fact it is a world as interesting as it is wide, however if you were curious here you have a small introduction to this exciting world of drawings and colors.

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