Famous phrases of Ramón de Campoamor

Famous phrases of Ramón de Campoamor

Ramón de Campoamor (1817-1901) was a Spanish poet framed within the current of literary realism. He tried to study without success, first philosophy and mathematics and, later, medicine.

Ramón de Campoamor he ended up being convinced that his were letters. As he was not good at studying, he was a self-taught. He studied and read what he really loved. Thus, he read to the classics of literature and to Spanish romantics, from which he obtained much of his inspiration.

Famous phrases of Ramón de Campoamor

"And, in this traitorous world, there is no truth or lie: everything is according to the glass with which you look."

"The experience is a wise man made to stumble."

“Life is sweet or bitter; It is short or long. Does matters? He who enjoys it finds it short, and he who suffers it finds it long. ”

"He died completely, because he died forgotten."

"Freedom is not about doing what you want, but about doing what you owe."

"The loneliness of two in company is even more frightening."

"Which is how many torments I have suffered, the absence the most atrocious."

"The love that is crazy at twenty is a fool at all at sixty."

“If in the path of evil you see yourself lost, do not move on. To return to good in this life every moment is the supreme moment. ”

"Because when the mother kisses a beloved son, she kisses at the same time the love that she was born."

"It is a perpetual dream of my ear the echo of your voice."

"There is no wise who does not fool any fool."

"More than in the loved one, the cause of love is in the one who loves."

“Do not reject your dreams. Without the illusion the world what would it be? ”

"Friendship is a love that does not communicate by the senses."

"Some love is lacking in love that is not a hell of pain."

"Friendship is a love that does not communicate by the senses."

"With a day of jealousy, eternal life cannot compete."

"Although love usually dies of hunger, what you have never been aunt is tenderness."

"That in matters of love and marriage, however sad it may be, the devil can do more than the saints."

“The two got married, and the next day the wife, with a candorous accent, waking up, asked the husband:" Do you still love me? "

"It is always some comfort that a husband, by being so, wins heaven."

"The biggest disappointment is the first."

“Let the most implacable judge answer me: is it a crime to be unfaithful in thought? Being faithful, whenever you want, is your motto. But you, do you always want? Here is the problem. ”

"Well-educated lovers know what" yes "three" no "in a row means."

"Already both your virtue externalize, that, by force of modesty, scandalize."

"On sand and on wind the sky has founded everything!"

"To be a slave of one who loves, is to have Paradise as a prison."

"Everything in love is sad, but sad and everything is the best there is."

"To soften the hardness of destiny God has given the woman the crying, which is what is in the divine human."

"If between not having been and had been the man could choose, of course he would have chosen not to choose."

“What is a humorada? An intentional trait And pain? A gossip turned into drama And little poem? An amplified pain. ”

“Poetry is the rhythmic representation of a thought by means of an image, and expressed in a language that cannot be said in prose either more naturally or with less words… Only the rhythm must separate the language of the verse from the own prose ... Being unfriendly art for art and the special dialect of classicism, it has been my constant effort to arrive at art by the idea and to express it in common language, revolutionizing the background and form of poetry. ”