Famous phrases by Enrique Jardiel Poncela

Famous phrases by Enrique Jardiel Poncela

Enrique Jardiel Poncela He was a Spanish writer and playwright, lover of the absurd theater. However, he knew how to innovate this type of theater towards more intellectual, absurd and implausible ways.

Enrique Jardiel Poncela He was born in 1901 and died in 1952, ruined and in the most absolute of forgetfulness at the time of the Franco dictatorship. Its peculiar humor and irony It was largely misunderstood at that time.

However, currently, Enrique Jardiel PoncelaHe is a character who is trying to make visible and rediscover. It happens that, often, when we turn our eyes to the geniuses of the past, we see things that happened to us completely unnoticed in their time.

Famous phrases by Enrique Jardiel Poncela

"Sincerity was invented by one who wanted to make one's life bitter."

"The" etcetera "is the rest of the wise and the excuse of the ignorant."

"Love, tobacco, coffee and, in general, all poisons that are not strong enough to kill us in an instant, make us a daily necessity."

"As severe as a father is judging his son, he is never as severe as a son judging his father."

"A chain of errors is called experience."

"Youth is a defect that corrects over time."

"Dictatorship: System of government in which what is not prohibited is mandatory."

"Medicine is the art of accompanying the grave with Greek words."

"If you want the highest praise, you die."

“Life is often terribly unpleasant; but as unpleasant as life may be, there is no life as pleasant as the life of a man who believes that the most pleasant thing in life is life. ”

"History and philosophy differ in that history tells things that nobody knows with words that everyone knows, while philosophy tells things that everyone knows with words that nobody knows."

"In social life, the most interesting conversations always begin when they have to be concluded."

"Stupidity is an international association."

"The art of making people laugh is based on exposing the public, face to face, their own flaws."

"All who have nothing to say, speak loudly."

“There are two ways to achieve happiness, one to become the idiot; another be. ”

"He who does not dare to be intelligent becomes a politician."

"When you have to decide the heart, you better decide the head."

“Heritage is a set of assets; Marriage is a set of evils. ”

“Traveling is essential and thirst for travel, a net symptom of intelligence.”

"A woman's hug may leave no mark on her soul, but she always leaves a mark on her lapel."

"The end of religion, of morality, of politics, of art, has not been for forty centuries more than hiding the truth in the eyes of fools."

“The main virtue of work is to make people forget that they live.”

"Society is a rotten organism that is preserved under the ice of hypocrisy."

"Love is like matchboxes, which from the first moment we know we have to finish, and we run out when we least expect it."

“When work is not fun, you have to work the unspeakable to have fun.”