Famous phrases of Leopoldo Alas Clarín

Famous phrases of Leopoldo Alas Clarín

Leopoldo Alas Clarín He was a lawyer and Spanish writer who lived between 1852 and 1901. He was a university professor and literary critic. He is known for his work "The Regent".

However, Leopoldo Alas Clarín, was also a neat author of novels, essays Y stories. A writer little known today, which is important to rescue and claim.

Famous phrases of Leopoldo Alas Clarín

“I know love that can be defined: a dream between two. One sleeps and another dreams. ”

"Only virtue has powerful arguments against pessimism."

“The lessons of the world are written in a language from which nothing can be translated; the one of the experience. The inexperienced knows them by heart, but does not understand them. ”

“The thoughts of men are worth more than their actions, and good novels more than the human race. This may not be true; but it is beautiful and comforting. ”

“Man has a reason that dictates the principles and laws of reality. But ignore if reality is in accordance with reason. It's like the clock, which indicates the time, but doesn't know what time it is. ”

“Pride is a passion of the gods; but of the false gods. ”

“Here the bad thrives, rises, blooms, drowns the good, cows it if it is left. What annoying fame, hollow, foolish, vulgar writers have not had to fight like someone who puts out a fire, during these 20 years! ”

"One of the critic's greatest bitterness is having to be in many times in agreement with the envious."

"More than Spain, I love the world, and more than my time, the whole history of this poor, interesting humanity, which comes from darkness and strives tirelessly to reach the light."

“Faith is believing what we did not see. It's okay. But many add: as if we had seen it. This is the error of faith. ”

“He who tolerates life, left a suicide writer, is the one who mismanages his interests and does not keep track of his duty and credit. Whoever kills himself takes stock and declares himself bankrupt. "

"It fits so badly in the human spirit that this contradiction fits: envy and contempt."

“In the federations of friendship there is usually a tacit pact: that of equality of ingenuity and fortune. The one who shines the most, the one who climbs the most, is out of the covenant; war is declared. ”

“But it didn't matter: she was dying of boredom. He was twenty-seven years old, the youth fled; Twenty-seven years of woman were the door of old age, which I was already calling ... And I had not once enjoyed those delights of the love that everyone speaks, which are the subject of comedies, novels and even history. Love is the only thing worth living, she had heard and read many times. But what love? Where was that love? She didn't know him. ”

“To begin to live seeking the applause of the people, is not to give proof of fool. The foolishness is to insist. ”

"The eagerness to distinguish themselves, which the most vulgar men censure so much, may be the instinct for preserving good sense."

"The heroic city napped. The hot, lazy south wind was pushing the whitish clouds that ripped as they ran north. In the streets there was no more noise than the raucous rumor of the eddies of dust, rags, straws and papers, that went from stream to stream, from sidewalk to sidewalk, from corner to corner, revoking and chasing each other, like butterflies looking for and they run away and the air wraps in their invisible folds ... "

"In the philosophy of love, positivism is right: only facts are known."

“I learned from them (Salmerón and Giner) to respect convictions, and the greatest outrage that made me, perhaps without knowing it, the count of Toreno, by refusing to give me a chair that was mine, was the implicit suspicion that I was a free thinker like the apothecary Homais de Flaubert, capable of stoning and tearing apart the heresies that occurred to me, the fanal in which my disciples kept their faith. ”