The best state of life is to be calm

The best state of life is to be calm

We often hear that the best state of life is to be calm, and today we reflect on it because there are those who still believe that it is best to feel love or accumulate money.

When asked what we need to feel calm, many respond that the key factor is money.

Certainly, money allows the acquisition of goods, but studies indicate that Finance is not the main thing to feel calm, so those who adhere to this thesis may end up chasing the wind.

In what sense? In which to start chasing capital could lead anyone who tries to lose life, valuable time and good times.

In love, sometimes, there is no peace of mind, especially when there are anxious or avoidant attachments. Even the person may feel depression, as some research indicates.

What is the best state of life?

Since the fourth century BC they already existed schools whose work was focused on the pursuit of happiness.

For some of these schools the happiness of life was not subject to fame, honor, love, or glory, but to the state of serenity, as the studies of philosophy record.

It should be noted that, today many have taken a turn to the past and have begun to resume these conceptions, after having proven that when we have no peace, life feels very hectic.

Modern authors comment that the best state of life is to be calm, that is, to have inner peace.

Surprisingly, Inner peace is not achieved by belonging to one social class or another, or with the salary earned.

Being calm and experiencing serenity leads us to a higher state in which our emotions remain calm or controlled.

How can we achieve the best life?

Since the best state of life is to be calm, some steps can be taken to achieve it.

  1. Give up the idea that a couple will give you happiness. Actually, you have to be happy with what you have. You are already a complete person. Your happiness is not outside. Thus…
  2. Neither tranquility nor happiness are found on pages to make appointments. When you think someone else will give you happiness, it may happen that the only goal in your life is to find that person and end up forgetting you.
  3. Practice mindfulnessThis type of practice will help you feel very serene. Yoga and pilates are also recommended to achieve it.
  4. Release the past. This only prevents you from continuing your personal path of evolution. Focus on your present and all the great things you can achieve for yourself and for yourself, here and now.
  5. Get rid of some ideas. Above all, of those that cause you sadness or hurt you. Stop being so hard on yourself.
  6. Take care of your friendships. This implies taking distance from those people who disturb your peace of mind.
  7. Take care of your space. In your home, or in your room, avoid overloading your spaces with many things. Do not become people who get sick accumulating objects. Try to make everything in your visual field light.
  8. Go at your own pace. Your work or your environment may live accelerated, but try to find your balance and not let yourself be dragged through the moods of other people who are living fast.
  9. Do not isolate yourself. Being calm does not mean living far from everything, but surrounding yourself only the best, and this includes people.
  10. Do not take things personally. If something went wrong at work, if a friend failed, a friend let you down or things didn't happen as you wanted, rRemember that you only have control over yourself. You are not responsible for what happens to others.

Follow these guidelines and find the best state of life, that in which only feelings of tranquility and the feeling of well-being predominate.

You may also need to examine your relationships and see if you are not living under forms of attachment that are harmful and detract from your peace.

When you begin to see life in a different way, you will realize that "finding the half orange", or meeting certain expectations that the environment imposes on you, is not the best formula for living in calm.