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Make and accept mistakes: Necessary to move forward

Make and accept mistakes: Necessary to move forward

In our day to day, we all make mistakes, but it is the way in which we face them that makes us learn or remain stuck in those failures without the possibility of moving forward.

What is the importance of accepting the mistakes made?

As we said, mistakes are part of our daily life, either by making the wrong decisions, by a bad performance in a given situation or by an involuntary damage to another person.

To remedy a situation of tension with another person, it is best to ask for forgiveness, as this will clear up possible misunderstandings and relieve tensions. However, there are people who ask for forgiveness is very difficult.

When we are involved in a conflict because of a mistake we have made, It is important that we know how to apologize with the person who has been affected since, otherwise, the problem will not be solved, but will tend to become more complicated.

However, as we have already said, there are people who are not able to ask for forgiveness, but rather tend to hide the error or obviate its existence, and this may be due to different causes that we explain below.

On the one hand, the refusal to ask for forgiveness It may be due to low self-esteem by the person who has committed it. Saying "I'm sorry" makes us recognize that we have made a mistake and that, therefore, we are not perfect.

Everyone forms an image about himself (what we call self-image) based on subjective beliefs about our personality, and the preservation of this self-image sometimes leads people to avoid being vulnerable.

Therefore, people with low self-image avoid asking for forgiveness, so make sure your personality does not denote weakness or inability to cope with certain situations, as this contributes to further worsen the image they have of themselves.

There are also people who associate the act of asking for forgiveness with a feeling of humiliation, which makes them avoid it so as not to damage their self-esteem, despite feeling bad for being the cause of the problem.

However, if instead of misrepresenting the situation, what we do is recognize our mistake and ask for forgiveness, the feelings of discomfort caused by this failure will disappear to give rise to a sense of responsibility and control of the situation.

On the other hand, another cause that the act of asking for forgiveness is sometimes so difficult for us can be narcissism: there are people with a too high concept of themselves, which makes them not perceive their own failures and, therefore , the need to apologize.

In this line we also find people with lack of empathy, that simply do not identify with the damage or problems that may be causing the other person and, therefore, they are not worried about the resolution of the conflict that they themselves may have caused.

The importance of asking for forgiveness

Knowing how to ask for forgiveness is important so as not to let ourselves be dominated by fears and insecurities. In addition, the fact Apologizing has positive effects on our emotional health, such as:

Learn to apologize it will make others see us as more empathic people and responsible, because in this way we show our more human side, which will also help others to treat us in the same way.

Therefore, apologize help us improve our relationships with those around us, since trust is the basis of any relationship of friendship or couple, as well as communication and the ability to express clearly what concerns us.

Facing these types of situations we will get to know ourselves better, in addition to improving our self-image, since we will be aware of both our virtues and our defects, and we will learn to accept the latter.

At the same time, we will be more honest with ourselves when judging situations in which we are involved, also learning what is the best way to react and how to feel more comfortable with our way of dealing with problems.

Likewise, accepting our mistakes and being aware of these, we will abandon a perfectionist lifestyle which often causes unnecessary feelings of frustration and stress. Therefore, it will be easier for us to be happy.

By last, apologizing makes us learn from our mistakes and improve as people, so that in the future it will be easier for us to overcome adversities as well as tolerate frustrations.

When we allow ourselves to make mistakes and make mistakes we learn to be tolerant with others as well as with ourselves, with what we have new tools to face different situations.

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