Interview with Concepción Fosa, founder of the Extremadura Scientific Society of Oncological Psychology and Pain Institute

Interview with Concepción Fosa, founder of the Extremadura Scientific Society of Oncological Psychology and Pain Institute

Can you make a brief personal / professional presentation of yours?

First of all, thank a professional like you for giving me this opportunity, thank you very much. I am delighted that you offer me this space to this project, which is almost a social work “Extremadura Society of Oncological Psychology and Pain Institute”

I have an extensive training, I studied teaching in the Preschool branch and I was teaching theater in schools due to my love for this art. Later I was able to contact Argentine psychologists who taught me psychodrama. Psychology is my passion I studied at UNED where I was able to acquire extensive knowledge of Psychology due to its high quality of teaching. A few years later I inaugurated the Avalón Psychology consultation (Avalón that means love in its etymological sense) That is my passion to give therapy with humanity, respect and love. My unique journey with pain made me create what is today the Extremadura Scientific Society of Oncological Psychology and Pain Institute to always try to be where people suffer 24 hours a day. I have the expert title in Forensic psychology that helps me to solve problems of sentimental scams, shared custody etc ...

We have seen a very interesting website. What part can we find in it?

The web is an arduous work we find in it several sections and also the way to get in touch online to be able to attend to patients who cannot come to the office or cannot move. We do it in several ways through email, videoconference, chat and special contact phone. We are twenty four hours.

When did you start or how were your professional beginnings?

My professional beginnings were six years ago after meditating a lot on how it should reach the hearts of citizens. I decided that every ordinary citizen should be able to access therapy without economic impediments and started the Low Cost or low cost consultations. It is an ambitious project where Eurokines supported me who dedicate themselves to physiotherapy by giving me the place to pass consultation. As a result of working with them, I received people affected by a traffic accident (depression after the accident), but what really launched me was to participate in talks organized in Extremadura Everything is possible and that I launched into my profession.

Do you have physical and online consultation? Both? What human and technological team does AVALON have?

To your question I answer that we have both physical and online consultation modalities. The team consists of a computer scientist who works with me and I as head of Avalon. We want to expand the team by hiring a person with the help of grants. The technological team consists of several computers and recently we have acquired a feedback machine that we will launch with sessions for migraine and to treat TDHA.

What is the main objective of your work?

The objective of Avalon is to reach the ordinary citizen from town to town. Punctualizing, we want to take therapy to every corner, which is itinerant. And another of the great goals is to give talks to prevent cancer. We make our way by walking and in Avalon we are willing to get where it is needed with our backpacks at a cost.

We observe several sections, also very innovative, as a healthcare professional. How do you find this topic at what level in our country?

To your question I am going to answer with an innovative proposal every psychologist who is sanitary either by master or because he has been enabled for it should be able to access to practice in the health centers, without needing to do the PIR that has so few plazas. Thus, the exercise of the profession would not be limited to private activity and I propose that psychologists have access to health centers with the title of health psychologist and also that as in the United Kingdom there are family psychologists.

If you had not dedicated yourself to this trade, what would you have done?

If I had not dedicated myself to this profession as beautiful as psychology and which I love deeply, I would have liked to study meteorology. First, because I respect the environment very much and secondly, because I am very passionate about studies on the relationship between changes in time and psychopathology. I recommend the book by Bonifacio Sandín “Recent contributions of Psychopathology”.

What do you like most about your job? We know you are passionate about what you do ...

What I am most passionate about is seeing a person move forward and overcome their difficulties and barriers. People who go to the psychologist are brave and face their fears ... who do not care what they will say if they go to the consultation, since many of them are stigmatized. Now I am working on a project called "Zeroestigmas." I want to comment in Argentina, it is very common to go to the psychologist, something that is hidden and labeled in our country.

Could you tell us about the therapies you offer in your cabinet?

We have couples, teenagers, oncology and sexual therapy therapies. Now as a novelty we want to offer feedback therapy especially to treat TDHA in children and migraines.

We want to deepen if you think good in oncology therapy (Psycho-oncology) something really necessary today Do you tell us something about it?

The intervention that Psychology can offer in the field of Oncology: psycho-oncology is, in general terms, the study of psychological factors that affect cancer morbidity and mortality and the emotional responses of patients, relatives and professionals. In more specific terms, those capable of promoting education, coping skills, emotional support to patients, their families and professionals who care for them, therapeutic adherence, adaptation to illness, social support, control of psychic and physical symptoms - vomiting, pain ... - and, in short, those areas that promote the quality of life of the patient and his relatives, in different phases of the disease, that diminish the experience of suffering and that facilitate the healthcare work of the health team.

Once the necessary competence profile has been reached, the psychologist should be able to carry out preventive, assistance activities - evaluation, diagnosis and treatment of psychological aspects in the different tumor locations. Teachers and research.

How do you see the advances regarding cancer?

Improvements in cancer treatment and recovery prevention have been a constant trickle in recent years. They do not stop getting hopeful and very positive news. We know that it is a serious disease, but the truth is that if you look in perspective we are far from the situation of just twenty years ago. It is getting closer and closer so that everyone can heal. More economic means and research are needed.

What do you think of the fake news about health and how would it be possible to eradicate it?

It is something negative that invades our lives. Fake news is fought with information to the population from different television, radio and health centers near our neighborhood; giving talks etc ... Fake news if not controlled do much harm.

What is the first thing you say to a patient on this subject when you arrive at your consultation?

The first thing I tell the patient about fake news is that it contrasts information, and consult several professionals if you have any questions.

Do you remember your first patient?

If I remember my first patient because it was someone very special, someone who needed help in order to be a patient of gender-based violence. Even after having overcome a hell we are still in touch.

We see that you are President of the Extremadura Scientific Society of Oncological Psychology and Pain Institute. Since when does this important work arise?

It came from a deep reflection on pain, on many occasions both friends and well-known people demanded therapy to address important problems in their lives related to pain and cancer. I decided one day to do a master's degree in psycho-oncology and through the Technology Park of Extremadura (R&D) they helped me found my society with the aim of providing help and being pioneers in the region in doing something for the pain of others. I am very focused on making tobacco campaigns town by town in order to raise awareness among the general population.

Besides, you are a primary school teacher. How do you find the educational level in Spain?

The educational level has risen in recent years, but not the culture in general. There are problems when facing classes. Education needs to be modernized with different structures and ways of thinking. In Sweden, children with TDHA have a desk with a bicycle adapted to the table so they can move their energies. We must adapt to a new world that enters visually, through the internet and computers accompanied by robotic touch screens. Be flexible and mix several methodologies and use emotional intelligence courses to make our students more capable.

We also see another great job. Psychodrama and theater teacher. Can you tell us something about it?

Psychodrama is based on the idea that expressing oneself through spontaneity and improvisation was a kind of liberation through creativity. Psychodrama sessions are in a group, but psychodrama does not seek to address problems manifested in a group, but rather the presence of many people is used to intervene in the problems of individuals, in turn. It is a tremendously enriching experience that we have launched in our region. I started doing psychodrama thanks to some psychologists that I met from Argentina and that filled me with enthusiasm and because of my love for the theater I could easily connect with doing psychodrama and group sessions.

How would you define psychology in one word?

It is the art of doing good.

Well, here is an interesting interview with one of the most outstanding professionals at the national level on psycho-oncology. By the way, will you recommend Psychoactive?

I recommend psychoactive because it is a very complete page and being online the advantage is that it can reach all users. In addition to having several sections it is a very interesting page, we live in a world of haste and fatigue and on our screens we can comfortably see a page of psychology as it is psychoactive without having to move from home at any time and how not to take courses on- line

Interview conducted by: David Álvarez