Hate phrases

Hate phrases

There is no doubt that of all the feelings and for having, hate is the least pleasant and pleasant, both for those who feel it and for those who receive it. However, on some more extreme occasions it may be inevitable ... Perhaps you are hate phrases help you understand it a little better:


  • 1 The best hate phrases
  • 2 Hate phrases, betrayals and false friendships
  • 3 Learning about hate
  • 4 How to overcome hate

The best hate phrases

"Hate is only found where there is no place for intelligence."

"I will spend so much of you that you will doubt that you exist."

"Your cruelest hatred is the one that nobody knows, because it is hidden in the back of your heart."

"I propose a deal: a trip to the end of the world, and once there you stay and I'll come back."

"When you realize that I was the right person and you let me go, I won't want to hear from you anymore."

"Look at me when I smile for someone, when that someone will no longer be you."

"If I left you in my past, it's because you don't fit in my future."

“Oh yes, thanks for telling me. I will write it down in my diary, along with the things that I don't care about at all. ”

"You were my teacher to be a worse person."

"If I hate you today it is because there was some day I loved you"

"If what is fashionable is hypocrisy, then you make a trend?"

"Overcoming the pretty little of my past with you in the future will be easy."

"Bad companies were never good."

“Hopefully one day you will live half the heartbreak that I lived with you. I hope your next love is unrequited. ”

"Your passage through my life has been a lesson in the column of things that I would never want to be."

"The truth is that he was not so much and, really, nor me for so little."

"If I reject you it is not for you but for me, because I no longer love you."

Hate phrases, betrayals and false friendships

"You had the opportunity to win the site of my best partner, but you will only be a memory that I will soon forget."

"You hate when you don't know how to forget, or you don't want to."

"The road to hate goes through observing, disappointing, smiling and continuing ..."

"If I don't hate you, it's because your betrayal doesn't matter to me anymore."

“I don't hold a grudge towards you. Actually, I don't keep anything anymore. ”

“I have decided that I will stop hating you. The anguish you should keep all of you. ”

"I hate you for a coward, for not knowing how to speak when you should, for doing it behind my back."

“Why do human beings only care about what harms them and give them an exclusive place in their hatred?

“Instead of a friend you were an enemy. Now I will expect the worst of you. ”

"I assumed how your indifference process works, now assume how mine works."

Hate learning

"Hate is a weakness of the heart that can be unrecoverable."

"Deep down I must feel gratitude: I learned to disappoint you and thanks to you it won't happen again."

"With you I discovered things worse than resentment, such as my ability to ignore you."

“It was because of the damage you did to me, that is how I learned the deepest part of me, the hate and anger of having loved you.

"I learned to say no: not to disappoint myself, not to take revenge, not to think about you."

"The difference between love and hate is that in one there is hope that is not in the other."

"How many times have I thought how different things would be if I behaved like you do."

How to overcome hate

"If I managed to feel something other than hate it was because without realizing it, I forgot you."

"How happy we were at the beginning, how sad at the end and how great I am now."

"How much happiness there was at the beginning, how much I hate in the end, and how good I am now."

“I learned from my mistake: to fall in love with someone like you, to love you and to try to forget you by cheating myself.”

"Today I accept our hatred, and I'm closer to being happy."

"I felt like I got rid of you when I stopped hating you and the relief made me strong."

"I decided that the treasure you keep remains better buried than in the sight of my eyes."

"Although you became who you had promised never to be, I did not fall into your network."

"I am indifferent to your lies, I have overcome the heartbreak of our history and the hatred I had for you."