Can gastritis nervous stress cause?

Can gastritis nervous stress cause?

The first thing we should know is exactly what gastritis is. Gastritis is a pain in the upper part of the stomach, which is characterized by a stabbing and continuous pain. And, more specifically, gastritis nervosa is a variant of this gastritis that It comes directly from the anxiety, stress or burden that a given situation produces.. What occurs is a swelling in the mucosa that covers the mouth of the stomach, and can affect this. In this way, quite strong pain occurs.

Therefore, we can conclude that a prolonged state of nervousness can lead to gastritis. In fact, it is an emotional disorder that is widespread in the population. It is known and known throughout the world that the 21st century is marked by the stress that most of the world's population suffers. This tension is due to the rapid pace of life that we all lead on a daily basis, and in this way many people end up suffering from some severe emotional disorder. And one of them is emotional gastritis, which is really serious because it can affect our stomach.


  • 1 What is its cause?
  • 2 What are your symptoms?
  • 3 How can it be treated?

What is its cause?

Normally gastritis It is produced by a series of bacteria that alter all our intestinal flora. This makes digestive processes very difficult, and worst of all, this is noticed at the physiological level. In the case of the bacteria, this is called Helicobacter Pylori. But this bacterium is not the one that affects our gastric mucosa in cases of nervousness and anxiety.

In these cases, what really happens is that a series of hormones are released by the brain, and the body begins to enter an altered state, as if it were facing a threat. And that this happens only occasionally would not have to have any negative impact on our body.

However, when we are under very strong pressure in our daily lives, if we do not know how to organize our life or if we do not know how to manage our feelings well, anxiety becomes more and more acute. It is in these moments that we will find ourselves practically burdened all day, and the body will enter into this defense mode from the moment we get up until we go to bed. This emotional state simply kills all the healthy bacteria that line our stomach. This is the well-known intestinal flora. Thanks to these bacteria, necessary for everyone, digestive processes are carried out in a normal way.

On the other hand, when these bacteria begin to be scarce in our body, digestion is a rather cumbersome task that can cost us a lot of pain. This is quite dangerous, since the person suffering from nervous gastritis can really start to be afraid to eat. This is something logical, nobody wants to suffer burning and sharp pains after each meal. So a person who suffers from this disorder can stop eating, or even begin to feed on soft products and stop using heavier ones but are also necessary to keep our health up to date.

What are your symptoms?

Gastritis nervosa has a number of symptoms that turn out to be very characteristic of this particular disorder. It is what differentiates you from gastroenteritis, an ulcer, or other stomach diseases. When this disorder develops in the body of a person, it begins to have pain in the abdominal area, which is specified, as we said before, in the pit of the stomach. This pain is a sharp, sharp and prolonged pain, which often gives us the impulse to want to lie in a fetal position.

However, this is not the only symptom that is characteristic of gastritis. On many occasions a feeling of acidity in the stomach or burning in the stomach may also appear. Always, whether pain or any of these two symptoms mentioned above, there will be an alteration in the pit of the stomach. If we are feeling pain in another part of our digestive system, we are probably not facing a case of gastritis nervosa.

Nerve gastritis is also harmful at the psychological level. We are no longer referring to the fact that we can begin to have a certain fear or fear of eating food, but another type of emotional symptoms. The fact of feeling a sharp pain or burning after each meal of the day, it can cause us even more stress, nervousness and tension, since we don't know exactly why that is not happening, much less how to solve it. These are coincidentally the same elements that cause nervous gastritis. In this way a vicious circle is formed that makes us unable to get rid of this unpleasant disorder with ease.

How can it be treated?

Nerve gastritis is an emotional disorder that has a fairly simple solution.. We are not facing a case as serious as anxiety disorders or depression, which really do not disappear until we go to a psychologist or psychiatrist. In these cases, practically in most cases, we will need medication and serious professional help to be able to resume our life normally.

However, in the case of gastritis nervosa, it is much simpler. The correction of this disorder is really simple and we don't have to worry. The treatment is very simple, and it works both for cases where stress is the cause, and for cases where the cause is the aforementioned battery, which is affecting our intestinal flora.

In this way, to correct the problem, we must carry out a softer or softer diet than we normally do. We can increase our intake of foods such as chicken or poultry soups, rice, fish, chicken, fruit and vegetables, and soy milk. In addition, it is highly recommended that we drink a lot of water. We have to keep our stomach well hydrated so that our whole body begins to generate again all those bacteria that we have been killing with our state of burden.

However, although the treatment is the same for both cases, in the case of gastritis nervosa we find more difficulties. These difficulties are not physiological, but psychological. It is clear that the development of this disorder is due to the fact that we are not able to reach a state of relaxation or complete tranquility, or that we do not know how to correctly manage the stimuli that come to us from outside. Therefore, it would be advisable to go to a psychologist to guide us and know how to lead us towards a more serene lifestyle.

You can complement this with activities that make you forget the rhythm you put into your life. You can choose to go to a spa, stroll through the countryside on a weekend, go shopping, go out to dinner, meet friends, go to the movies, etc. There are thousands of plans that a person can carry out to disregard and forget, even for a moment, everything that harms us.

First of all, you must know how to differentiate the moments of the day you are. Work can sometimes be one of the main causes for this emotional disorder such as gastritis nervosa. This way it makes no sense that you get home after a long and stressful day at work, and keep thinking about it. Learn to differentiate the moments you are in, and in this way, you will better manage your emotions.

This is very important, since gastritis nervosa can lead to acute gastritis, and even chronic gastritis. These problems are no longer solved as easily as in a normal case of emotional gastritis. These begin to appear when our emotional state begins to have an impact on our body.

In this way, nervousness could alter our metabolism, cause diabetes, or kidney disease. In these cases, obviously, the problem becomes greater and the treatments will be much more invasive to our health. Therefore, it is really vital to know how to identify the problem in time and act accordingly.

Remember that Your health comes first, and that you must meet its needs. Your body speaks to you, you just have to know how to listen to it. When you start to notice symptoms that could be from gastritis nervosa, don't wait any longer. Do not have those thoughts so typical that it is a mild problem that can be passed at any time, or that it is not worth going to the doctor for this. Going to a consultation will help us tremendously.

Another thing you can do when you are suffering from nervous or emotional gastritis is to reduce the consumption of drugs that are anti-inflammatory or that contain acetylsalicylic acid. These, if its consumption is high, can not only cause acute gastritis that is more difficult to treat, but stomach ulcers and severe bleeding that can be extremely serious for our health.

Lead a healthy and healthy life both physically and mentally, and you can avoid all these problems.

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