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How we look through technology

How we look through technology

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There is no doubt that technological advances have caused and continue to have a great impact in different areas, from political to educational, through the economy, communication or society itself. But without a doubt, they have affected the innermost part of our being.

Technology has changed the way we conceive our mind and our body. And it is this second that sometimes opens great debates: how do social networks affect our self-esteem? Is our behavior conditioned by mobile? Does trust in ourselves depend on what others think on the Internet?


  • 1 Our physique in the foreign eye
  • 2 How technologies can play in our favor
  • 3 Internet and self-esteem: how does it affect us?

Our physique in the foreign eye

Let's think for a moment about networks like Instagram, where the image goes ahead of everything. Or the fashion of selfies, which has caused teenagers around the world to take pictures of themselves every time they go to the bathroom.

People have become dependent on likes, comments, compliments of strangers, fans, followers ... the ego grows and grows based on the opinion that others have of ourselves. And that opinion is forged through our physical appearance.

This especially affects younger minds, who see how current beauty models dangerously touch anorexia and absolute superficiality. What matters is to be more attractive, at least in front of the camera. Then in person it will be seen.

But is everything so negative? Do the advances really do nothing but harm us in this area?

How technologies can play in our favor

Like everything in this life, they are a double-edged sword. A knife can be used to cut bread or kill someone, it depends on the use that is given. Like social networks, mobile applications, blogs, new electronic devices or virtual reality.

In fact, those already mentioned mobile applications They go far beyond the Candy Crush or the incessant WhatsApp. There are apps designed for professionals in certain sectors, others that help development in the early stages of childhood and others that allow us to soak up culture without limits. On websites like TuApp, we find many examples of all this and much more.

We just have to stop to think a little about how to get the best out of what we have in hand - usually our smartphone.

Other cases like those of social networks They are interesting to deal with. Instead of uploading a photo to Facebook to see how many “likes” we receive or to suffer a potential social lynching, we could use this platform to get in touch with old school classmates, or to chat with our friends and stay for the end of week.

The fact is that we currently spend more time looking at the screen than talking face to face. However, you can look for the other side of the coin and use all the technology in a positive and productive way.

Again, the ball is on our roof.

Internet and self-esteem: how does it affect us?

The amount of information that circulates through the networks is infinite. We will never read everything online, especially because millions of new content appear every day. Of all that exists, why do we tend to read articles that harm us emotionally?

Linked to the issue of physical appearance, there is a huge amount of YouTube channels that bet on health tips worthy of humorous movies. Well, they not only harm our body, but also our self-esteem. The same with articles that emphasize that our physique will be constantly judged by others.

It does not mean that losing weight is bad, much less. Simply that we must do well for health or because we want, not because nobody dictates it or because you are going to have fewer fans. That is why accessing more constructive websites such as will help us set realistic goals and find natural home remedies to treat us with a little more affection.

Remember that the opinion that really matters about our body is ours (and that of our doctor).