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Couples, status differences and jealousy

Couples, status differences and jealousy

When one member of the couple or, in many cases, ex-partner, is the one who succeeds, money, work, a broad social life, studies, and the other is not a reason for conflicts grow?

Success and the couple

Luxury lives, academic successes, daily pleasures, well-being, health, extensive social life, good jobs and salaries, and much more, are factors that we all want to have. When it comes to life as a couple, everything can be much more exciting and enjoyable to share. Sometimes, members of couples who have not finished as expected meet again after a while and check how your life have followed different paths. And, on many occasions, inappropriate feelings and reactions give rise to unexpected situations, which can sometimes end misunderstandings, if people don't know how to control themselves.

Can people who do not have everything “desirable” harm while seeing another person do? Obviously yes, there are people who have been able to invent stories and label people who enjoyed good socio-economic and health characteristics to others, as long as cause chaos and imbalance to the other person, just because they have not yet obtained their own recognition, or have tried their best, they don't focus on their own goals and simply "destroy" or harm others, without striving to achieve their goals. People who have been friends, fellow professionals, and especially, especially former partners, or many times, people interested in the "popular" person who is disturbed by the situation outside.

However, there are people who, taking advantage of their social popularity, for fear of losing it, are dedicated to harming other people, without perhaps taking into account the feelings of the other, for fear of losing their status. Not to mention that there are people especially interested in the success of others, rather than in the person itself. And, returning to the theme of couples, the basis of this article, can not an unsuccessful person harm others, even if their feelings are loving, damage them in order to have or maintain a more privileged position? Do we talk about love and noble feelings in these situations?

Case example

Lorena had graduated for the second time in Social Education. His first career ended with 21 years, Teaching, and now, with 33 years, he had finished something that made him very excited. He worked in a buffet of lawyers and had a life full of job success, salary and stable contract, and his social and family life was great. Jaime had not achieved such a good success, since, at 16, he had dropped out of school, since his great vocation was music. I did not want to work on anything other than that, and in all jobs, it had only lasted 2 months, if it arrived. He spoke 3 languages ​​perfectly, and his life was not what he expected. When he learned about Lorena's situation, his great love since childhood, he was glad, but, at the same time, he was jealous and envious, since it was not what he had achieved. Far from acting rationally, and in order to reconquer it, he began by throwing rumors, from his sexual orientation, tastes, his health and others, even saying that he was using drugs, and that they were a couple, that they had taken time while she I studied, that they were going to get married once the situation was over and that they were still more in love than ever. Lorena's social circle, although at first she doubted it, began to think that maybe she hid it for fear of her feelings, what others would say, or that it was a secret. They began to believe him, and as many friends of Lorena were coworkers, they began to say that he wanted to have children, something that the bosses bothered a lot, and, without asking, they fired Lorena, claiming health causes. Lorena did not understand anything: she lost her job, many friends moved away, began to diminish her social life and had to start changing things she did not want, without knowing why she should do it, and why everything had changed so drastically. Of course, although Jaime thought he was going to get Lorena back, he didn't get it, and he had to end up confessing all he had done and said.

Do you think that they should let the feelings dominate the reason and that situations like the one of the example happen, like the case of Lorena and Jaime? Do you think such situations occur in reality? What do you think of Lorena's environment: do not you think they should have made sure or checked and asked her what she really thought of everything, saving her a good dislike?