Famous phrases of Garcilaso de la Vega

Famous phrases of Garcilaso de la Vega

Garcilaso de la Vega He was a Spanish poet and military man who, already alive, became one of the greatest exponents of Spanish letters. Of noble family, he lived between 1498 and 1536.

Garcilaso de la Vegagot to participate in several battles that victoriously fought, Spain during the 16th century throughout Europe. Always in intimate contact with death, Garcilaso wrote about him love and the death.

The sonnets of Garcilaso de la Vegathey are of a depth and exquisiteness never seen before, and more when such noble and deep feelings came from a military man who wrote in full field of battle (Who knows whether as comfort or looking for a spiritual meaning).

Garcilaso de la VegaHe was seriously injured during a battle in France. He was transferred to Nice (Currently France-Before, Duchy of Savoy, belonging to Spain-), where he finally died due to his injuries.

Famous phrases of Garcilaso de la Vega

“Life is short: living everything is missing, dying everything is left over.”

“I am dying, and even life I fear; fear with reason, for you leave me; that there is not, without you, living to be. ”

“I was not born but for lovers; My soul has cut you to your measure; By habit of the soul I love you. How much I have confess I owe you; I was born for you, for you I have life, for you I must die, and for you I die. ”

"Thinking that the road was going straight, I came to stop in such misfortune, that I cannot imagine, even with madness, something that I am satisfied for a while."

"Go out without duel, tears, running."

"They won't be able to take away my aching feeling, if they don't take my mind off first."

"From the dream, if there is any, that single part, which is the image of death, comes with the tired soul."

"With you, hand in hand let's look for other meadows and other rivers, other flowery and shady valleys, where I rest, and I can always see you before my eyes, without fear and startle of losing you."

"She put her hand in my heart, and from there she took me my sweet garment: that this was her nest and her abode."

"The heart disposes of the joy that neighbor had, and resernates her face, and alienates from her eyes death, damage, anger, blood and war."

"In this love I did not enter by ranting, nor did I treat him, as others, with deceit, nor was it by choice of my agency: from my tender and early years to that part my star leaned and that fierce destiny of my damages."

“If, in order to restrain this crazy, impossible, vain, fearful desire, and to shelter from such a dangerous evil, that it is to make me understand what I do not believe, it does not take advantage of me to see which one I see, or very risky or very fearful, in so much confusion that I never bear to trust the evil of me that I possess it. ”

“Do not lose more who has lost so much, enough, love, what has happened to me; Valgame ago has never tried to defend me from what you wanted. ”

"This is the job of men: tempt evil, and if the event is bad, humbly ask for forgiveness of vice."

"Who would tell me, when the past few hours that I had been so good for you, that you were to be someday with such severe pain represented?"

"Why won't my hard work, in past misery and tears, soften my heart hardened?"

"But the infiction of the air in just one day took away the world, and it has buried me in you, Parténope, so far from my land."

"Thinking that the road was going straight, I came to stop in such misfortune, that I cannot imagine, even with madness, something that I am satisfied for a while."

“I am continuous in tears bathed, always breaking the air with sighs; and it hurts me not to dare to tell you that I have come to you in such a state. ”

"Love love! A habit I have dressed the cloth of your store, well cut, but then narrow and unkempt, when I dressed I found it wide or loose. ”

"While the color of your gesture is shown in pink and lily, and that your fiery, honest look ignites the heart and restrains it ..."

"Do you have those clear eyes behind you, as if hung up, my soul wherever they turned?"

"Of your blond hair, where, ungrateful of mine, did Love make the rope for the murderer?"