Famous phrases by Manuel Azaña

Famous phrases by Manuel Azaña

Manuel Azana (1880-1940) was a Spanish journalist, writer and politician who presided over the Second Republic during the Civil War (1936-1939).

Manuel Azaña was, without a doubt, one of the most important leaders of the II Spanish Republic. Not only during the war, but in the moments before it. Before President, he came to preside over the Minister council (1931-1933).

He tried to promote several reforms that Spain Demand for decades. However, many of these reforms were never implemented by their internal and external opposition.

Politically, Manuel Azana, had a leftist, republican and anticlerical thought. It belonged to the Generation of 14, along with Ortega y Gasset, and tried to enact projects for the reform of Spanish political life.

After reaching the highest in the II Republic, Manuel Azana, was disenchanted with the drift that had led the Regime to chaos and destruction. A drift promoted by the Popular Front, with which Manuel Azana dispatched at ease on many occasions (he criticized his fellow travelers very harshly).

Finally, with the lost war, he fled to France, from where he presented his resignation as President of what remained of the Republic. He sought a negotiated peace with Frank, but this demanded the unconditional surrender, which would occur on April 1, 1939. Abandoned by all, Manuel Azana would die the following year in his exile in Montauban, France.

Famous phrases by Manuel Azaña

"Every man is an impenetrable mystery in life and death."

"The love of life grows in strength with the maturity of the spirit."

"Nonsense is the plant that best develops."

"The pleasures in project are the origin of misfortune."

"Life offers each creature its cup of bitterness."

“I don't know if I am a statesman. What is true is that, in politics, what interests me is to send. ”

“I allow you, I tolerate, I admit, that you don't care about the Republic, but not that you don't care about Spain. The sense of the Homeland is not a myth. ”

“What has given me a terrible ax, in the depths of my intimacy, is, on the occasion of the war, to have discovered the lack of national solidarity. Very few of us care about the national idea, but how few. Not even the danger of war has served as a welder. On the contrary: it has been used so that each one pulls on his side. ”

"I don't want to be president of a Republic of murderers."

"Republican leftist politics is a tabernacle, incompetent, friend, greed and loot policy, with no high idea."

“… And if those people are going to dismerse Spain, I prefer Franco. With Franco we would understand each other, or our children, or whoever, but these men are unbearable. They would end up proving Franco right. ”

"Always, it is a word that has no value in history and, therefore, that has no value in politics."

"The war is lost; but if by miracle we won it, in the first ship that left Spain we would have to leave the Republicans, if they left us."

"Patriotism is not a code of doctrine; patriotism is a disposition of the spirit that drives us, as one who fulfills a duty, to sacrifice us for the common good; but no political problem has its solution written in the code of patriotism."

"A person of my knowledge assures that it is a law of the history of Spain the need to bomb Barcelona every fifty years. Felipe V's system was unfair and hard, but solid and comfortable. It has been valid for two centuries."

"The social and political forms in which peoples can enter and remain are not subject to their discretion, but determined by their character and past."

"Freedom does not make men happy, it simply makes them men."

"Those who have believed, or appeared to believe, that the Republic was anti-coalism, anti-clericalism, anti-centralism, are some pestles or some rascals."

"Every man is an impenetrable mystery in life and death."

“When the Spaniards can make better use of this extraordinary flow of energies ... they will replace the sinister and painful glory of war. And then it will be verified, once again, what should never have been unknown to those who did not know it: that we are all children of the same sun and tributaries of the same river. ”

"I have asceticism in my race and pride in the devil."

"Not all convents in Madrid are worth the life of a Republican."

"I don't care if a politician doesn't know how to speak, what worries me is that he doesn't know what he is talking about."