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Famous phrases of Juan Donoso Cortés

Famous phrases of Juan Donoso Cortés

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Juan Donoso CortésHe was a Spanish philosopher, politician and diplomat, an official of the Spanish monarchy under the Liberal Regime. Extremeño by birth, lived between the years 1809 and 1853.

Juan Donoso Cortés was a jurist from conservative ideology, but that evolved into more traditionalist and Catholic positions throughout his life. He is the author of numerous works on political theory, law and philosophy.

In short, Juan Donoso Cortés was a Spanish intellectual that, despite having a short life, left us for posterity works of such depth, which should be a reference for anyone who knows how to appreciate the well, truth and beauty.

Famous phrases of Juan Donoso Cortés

"It is never possible to calculate what can be expected of men who do not act on fixed principles, but according to interests that change at every moment."

"Nothing feels as good on the victor's forehead as a crown of modesty."

"In the past is the history of the future."

“He who loves, if he loves well, seems to be mad; and to be infinite love, madness must seem infinite. ”

“At the same time as faith is diminished, truths in the world are diminished; and the society that turns its back on God, sees all its horizons blacken suddenly with terrifying darkness. ”

"The Republic is the necessary form of government in the towns that are ungovernable."

"You have to unite, not to be together, but to do something together."

"A soldier is a slave in uniform."

“The socialist is a compulsive consumer of the present. Socialism does not wait for the future, it seeks its consumption in the present in charge of tomorrow. ”

"My astonishment grows point when I observe that those who affirm human solidarity deny the family ... which is to say that I have nothing in common with my own and that everything is common with strangers."

“They err greatly, I say it with pain, those who have a deep faith in peace; I fear that the time of transition is going to happen, and that we are already touching the time of outcomes. ”

“All my doctrine is here: the natural triumph of evil over good, and God's supernatural triumph over evil. Here is the condemnation of all progressive systems and perfections with which modern philosophers, tricksters by profession, have tried to numb the peoples, those immortal children. ”

"The free will left to man is a gift so high, so transcendental, that it seems rather to God an abdication than a grace."

"Idolatry seems to be the natural religion of all crowds, especially those that have been corrupted by revolutions."

"The elective principle is a thing of his so corrupting, that all civil societies, both ancient and modern, in which he has prevailed have died gangrene."

"If there is an obvious fact, as recorded in all popular traditions and never denied by history, it is the fact that civilization is not born, but is imported into human societies."

"The important thing is not to listen to what is said, but to find out what is thought."

"A symptom, gentlemen, that all ideas are perverted in a society, is when all parties, all political schools, go to their downfall along the same path they have opened to save themselves."

"God often uses the weak to bring down the powerful."

“It's about choosing between the dictatorship that comes from below, and the dictatorship that comes from above: I choose the one that comes from above, because it comes from cleaner and more serene regions; it's about choosing, finally, between the dictatorship of the dagger and the dictatorship of the saber: I choose the dictatorship of the saber, because it is more noble. ”

“Socialism owes its existence to a problem, humanly speaking, insoluble. It is about finding out what is the means of regularizing in society the most equitable distribution of wealth. This is the problem that no political economy system has solved. The system of the old political economists was going to stop the monopoly through restrictions. The system of liberal political economists goes to the same monopoly on the path of freedom, on the road, of free competition, which inevitably and inevitably produces that same monopoly. Finally, the communist system goes to the same monopoly through universal confiscation, depositing all public wealth in the hands of the State. This problem, however, has been solved by Catholicism. Catholicism has found its solution in alms. In vain the philosophers get tired; in vain the socialists strive; Without alms, without charity, there is no, there can be no equitable distribution of wealth. Only God was worthy of solving that problem, which is the problem of Humanity and History. ”

“There are two great dynasties in Europe: the Bourbon dynasty and the Austrian dynasty. The Austrian dynasty kept the true political, religious and social principles alive among us; and at the same time he did this he had the misfortune of forgetting and abandoning economic principles, administrative principles, material interests. Well, gentlemen: this explains his life and his death. Few examples offer us the Story of a more glorious life and a more miserable death. Do you want to know how far empires can go when true social, political and religious principles prevail in them? Put your eyes on Charles V, the great Emperor, on that imperial eagle, of whom the greatest of our poets has said that on his flight without a second, under his wings he had the world.”