Noel Clarasó's famous phrases

Noel Clarasó's famous phrases

Noel Clarasó He lived between 1899 and 1985. He was a writer, playwright and screenwriter of Spanish cinema and television. In addition, he translated some works from French.

Noel Clarasó was best known for his humorous stories, police and macabre tales. However, Noel Clarasó was a Writer very versatile, since he wrote from gardening books to novels and self-help books.

Noel Clarasó's famous phrases

Hating is a waste of the heart, and the heart is our greatest treasure.

At each dawn there is a vivid poem of hope, and, when we go to bed, let's think that it will dawn

He who does not carry beauty within the soul will not find it anywhere

Always quote your own mistakes before referring to others. This will never seem to show off

Throw your heart first and your horse will jump the obstacle. Many people give up before facing obstacles; they are the ones who have not thrown the heart first

Man is dedicated to wishing out loud what he never strives to achieve

No fool complains of being: they should not do so badly.

Love is blind, but not neighbors.

Traveling only serves to love our home corner more.

Hating is a waste of the heart, and the heart is our greatest treasure.

Medicine is the art of fighting men to the death of today, to give them in better condition, a little later.

The body, if treated well, can last a lifetime.

The most equitable distribution that exists is that of intelligence: everyone thinks they have enough.

Each one has his character, that does not exercise it.

No one can change their past; but everyone can cut it upside down.

There are two kinds of virtues: Those that make the sky win and those that make the earth win.

The doctor in humor is the man who knows how to refer to others mocking himself.

The man who makes a woman's happiness is an exemplary man; and the one who makes the happiness of three women at once, a lost case.

Treating yourself badly without getting angry is one of the greatest delicacies of true friendship. What can be overcome by another delicacy: To always be treated well.

If the object of your life is your own happiness, marry a woman who does not think alike.

A little adventurous spirit is enough to always be satisfied, because in this life, thank God, nothing happens as we wanted, as we supposed, or as we had planned.

To keep company is to add something to the lives of others, and to make them feel comfortable in our company.

The sun, water and exercise perfectly preserve the health of people who enjoy perfect health.

The return to normality is the effort made after a war, to return to the same conditions that led to it.

Everyone tells how he won his first 100 pesetas; nobody counts how he won the last million.

Politics is the art of obtaining money from the rich and votes of the poor, in order to protect each other.

Start by not dealing with your neighbors. It is always time to make an exception.

Friendship involves sacrifices, and only he who is willing to make them without discomfort understands friendship.

One of the fundamental laws of courtesy is resistance to the first impulse.

All children are less intelligent than their parents believe, and more intelligent than neighbors believe.

Between money and happiness there is the same relationship as between feathers and chickens; A chicken without feathers is a chicken, but it doesn't just convince anyone.

The success of the marriage often depends on the success of the other spouse in the election.

Sometimes love unites two beings who cannot swim and live on two different islands.

The writer's mission is not to say what he thinks, but to say what others think they have ever thought.

Sometimes it is better to shut up and go foolish than to open your mouth and prove it.

Beautify your life with thoughts and words. Try to discover what the thoughts that beautify your eyes and that, when becoming words, offer this beauty to others.

The best way to solve a difficulty is not to try to avoid it.

All men have a woman in thought; the married also have another at home.

Life is a shipwreck in which, at the last minute, only the ship is saved.

Dying for the country is a glory; but those who know how to make enemy soldiers die for the homeland are more useful.

We would have never heard of many ideas of ours, if we had not had long conversations with others.

Love has two delicious moments, the first and the last; The bad thing is the time between them.

The only marriage that always makes man happy is that of his children.

Knowing how to love only consists, in the long run, of knowing how to withstand the great inconvenience caused by the daily presence of the loved one.

All it takes for men to discover love is to have a woman too close; and all it takes for this love to dissipate is to keep it too close.

The books are never too short, why there is the solution to read both times: But when they are too long, there is no solution.

Between spoken and written language there is only one difference; What spoken language is not written and written is not spoken.

Admiring the classics is a great success, and writing like them, a great mistake.

Love is the only sport that is not suspended due to lack of light.

Only a good friend is able to understand that his presence can bother us.

When you talk about being in love like a madman you overdo it; In general, he is in love like a fool.

The man needs the woman; and the greatest wisdom is to be content with only one.

Undoubtedly, the happiest time of marriage is the honeymoon; the bad thing is that, to repeat it, very unpleasant things have to happen.

The man can only do two lasting things with the woman with the woman: Or discuss or marry her. This is a great argument in favor of the discussion.

A perfect woman is one who helps her husband with selflessness to endure the calamities she would never have known if she was single.