“May8” technique to increase productivity

“May8” technique to increase productivity

If you notice that with the passage of time each time it is harder for you to concentrate to be productive and that the hours barely cover you, that has a much easier explanation than you think. It is enough to know at the beginning how our brain and our energies work in order to improve our productivity.


  • 1 What is the “may8” technique?
  • 2 Find your most active moment of the day and take advantage of it
  • 3 How to start implementing the “may8” technique to obtain the best results

What is the "may8" technique?

This technique consists neither more nor less than taking advantage of our ultradiano rhythm. Or what is the same, a process that is repeated in our body cyclically. Maybe you have already been aware of your ultradian rhythm or maybe not.

Moreover, if you know it and use it in the right way, you can exponentially increase your productivity and the time you spend on each task, regardless of whether it is more complex or easier. It's just about adapting the times.

In other words, it is about adjust activity and rest cycles taking advantage of the most indicated periods of our organism and our activity for it.

Thus, in a cycle of up to 120 minutes, an activity session of up to 90 minutes should be scheduled, followed by another rest session of up to 30 minutes. Anyway, these times are indicative and you should not be too strict. Your body will talk to you.

But the main thing to apply it is to know its bases. Do not intend to implement it suddenly overnight. Well, as we have already warned you, it is best that you naturally find your rhythm and that you connect the rest of your daily activity to it.

Find your most active moment of the day and take advantage of it

It has been said throughout life that there are Two types of people: those who take advantage of the first moments of the day butt or, on the contrary, those with their highest productivity and creativity peak at night, when everyone sleeps.

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And it is that many people might think that this is more due to a matter of customs or habits. But the truth is that our ultradian rhythms They influence more than we might think.

So, if it has never taken you too early to start working early in the day and you think it is your optimal time, then take advantage of it. Best of all, you will have plenty of free time after the afternoon.

Maybe you are not so early riser and your peak energy will be mid-morning. Well, nothing happens, it is simply to take advantage of that time slot that by your very nature makes you more awake and produce more and better, and with less effort.

If on the contrary you are a nocturnal animal and you advance much more work when the world is silent and everyone sleeps, do not blame yourself for it. If your body works better at that time of night, you can still organize the rest of your day to be taken full advantage and not interfere with your personal life.

How to start implementing the “may8” technique to get the best results

First of all, and as we have already told you before, do not rush and go listening to your body without any hurry. What is about is to adapt your habits to your own nature, and not vice versa. Therefore, the first thing you should do is arm yourself with patience.

It is very possible that you start from the beginning with certain customs that have been imposed on you for various personal and professional reasons. However, if you are able to reorganize your time around this technique, your day will spread much more and you will appreciate the changes.

It is estimated that on average we can dedicate some three and a half hours a day to more complex tasks or that require more creativity. Ideally, then, we dedicate ourselves to another three and a half hours to lighter and simpler tasks.

Therefore, it is about making the most of those first three or four hours to carry out the most complex and important activities. But it is not about doing them continuously without resting. If you remember, After a maximum of 90 minutes of activity, it is important to take a break for as many minutes.

Of course, to begin your period of more activity with success, it is important that before you spend about 10 minutes to certain acceleration tasks. They should be tasks that motivate and wake you up, such as moments of physical activity, meditation, visualization or reading.

After the period of activity and complex tasks with their corresponding breaks, it will be important that you return to calm. Just as when you finish doing sports you need some stretching, it is important that you finish with other lighter tasks to download.

Once you finish those three and a half hours of activity at full capacity, it will be time to start that second strip in which our activity is more mechanical and easy.

Once you reach this point, be sure that you will not want to continue working on complex or creative tasks, but if you have applied the “may8” technique well, you can continue working at a lower intensity. Of course, resting when asked by the body.