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40 Japanese proverbs full of wisdom

40 Japanese proverbs full of wisdom

Japanese proverbs are known for their wisdom, as their philosophy helps to better understand the world and face life. In this article we have compiled some of the main Japanese proverbs that exist. We hope you enjoy them!

The best Japanese proverbs

A word spoken with kindness can assume the heat of three months of winter.

Do what is in your hand, the rest will be done by destiny.

While lying in bed, nobody trips.

If you think about it, decide it. If you have already decided, stop thinking about it.

The meaning of fast is to go slow, but without pause.

A word spoken with kindness can assume the heat of three months of winter.

Before questioning another person, verify what you think seven times.

Rivers that are very deep flow slowly.

Laughter calls for happiness.

The sun knows neither good nor bad: it warms and enlightens everyone equally.

He who is able to wait half an hour longer than his opponent will win.

The longest journey begins with a first step.

Let fools and crazy people pass first on any road.

You may only need your sword once in your life, but it is necessary that you always carry it.

It is not the prettiest flowers that bear the best fruits.

Sadness is something like a torn dress: it is better not to date him.

Love is that even smallpox scars are nothing more than dimples in the cheeks.

It is better not to stop who wants to leave, or throw who has just arrived.

Don't say it's impossible, better say you haven't done it yet.

It is preferable to be the enemy of someone good, than the friend of someone who is a bad person.

If you want to climb and you don't have how, invent the stairs.

A marriage must be like hands and eyes. If the hand hurts, the eyes cry, and if they cry, the hand dries its tears.

For someone prepared there is no danger.

Before breaking a silence, try to make your words better than this.

Rain is a problem only for those who don't want to get wet.

If you believe everything you read, then it is preferable that you do not read.

It is not worth worrying about a problem if it has a solution. And if you do not have it, it is also worth worrying.

A ship with a hundred sailors is able to climb up a mountain.

The stone that rolls cannot do a lot.

Studying the past is the best way to learn for the future.

Victory is not what it teaches, you learn more with defeat.

Discipline will end up beating intelligence.

Spending time laughing is like spending it with the gods.

The promised firewood does not heat the home.

The sea is that big because it doesn't belittle the creeks.

While drawing a tree branch you should hear the air.

Exaggerated honesty is the closest thing to stupidity.

At 10 years it is a miracle. At 20, you become a genius. At 30, you're just an ordinary person.

Big people exist thanks to ordinary people.

Do not expect time to wait for you.

A minute of shame for asking something can be a lifetime of ignorance.

As you can see, the japanese proverbs They teach us many things about how to live life more serenely and consciously. Now you just have to write down those phrases that most identify you and apply them in your day to day. To walk!