Famous phrases by Giovanni Papini

Famous phrases by Giovanni Papini

Giovanni Papini (1881-1956) was an Italian writer, initially an atheist and a skeptic, he became a fervent Catholic. He not only published poems, he was also a journalist, literary critic, biographer and science fiction writer.

Some of Giovanni Papini's most important works are ANDl Twilight of the Philosophers, Gog, The Black Book Y A finished man.

Among other distinctions, Giovanni Papini was a member of the Royal Academy of Italy, President of Center for National Renaissance Studies and Vice President of the European Federation of Writers.

Famous phrases by Giovanni Papini

“Love is not able to see the bad sides of a being; hate is not able to see the good sides. ”

"Destiny does not reign without the secret complicity of instinct and will."

"Existence is effort, it is desire, it is pain."

"Love is like fire, if it doesn't communicate it goes out."

"What I own seems to be mine, but I am always possessed by what I have."

“I want to know everything. And I always find myself as before, sad as life and resigned as wisdom. ”

“To love may consist of words that make blood, in reproach, in repression; what matters is the purity of the intention. "

“Life is always and anywhere, escape and liberation, depreisance, release, outbreak and explosion. All lives, all moments of all lives. ”

“How can I know myself if I don't know how to find myself among this immensity that oppresses me and penetrates everywhere? How will I truly become myself if I don't know how to recognize myself, if I don't know what the irreducible center is, the last residue of my personality? ”

"Every man pays his greatness with many small things, his victory with many defeats, his wealth with multiple bankruptcies."

"If any man, even vulgar, knew how to narrate his own life, he would write one of the greatest novels ever written."

"Only the poor who really know that they are poor suffer their poverty."

“Nothing more common among men than the desire for wealth. Stacking money anyway, even the most infamous, has always seemed the best and most respected education.

"Weapons are instruments to kill and governments allow people to manufacture and buy them, knowing perfectly well that a revolver cannot be used in any way other than to kill someone."

"To understand a great man, one must necessarily refer to the day of his death."

"The poet who was satisfied with the world that lives would not be a poet."

“When I was young I read almost always to learn; today, sometimes I read to forget. ”

"In all the great men of science there is a breath of fantasy."

“Anger is like fire; You can't turn it off but at the first spark. Then it is late. ”

“To love men it is necessary to abandon them from time to time. Away from them, we approach them. ”

“If it is true that in each friend there is a potential enemy. Why can't it be that every enemy hides a friend who waits for his time? ”

“The thought does not stop. The end of the last page is nothing but the exordium of a new page, and each summit reached is a springboard for other flights. ”

“Life, to be bearable, must be lived intensely. Sensitivity fills it every moment, and although it changes similar to the water that passes, at least it transports us as a current that may seem the same and eternal. ”

“The man without a woman is alone, but free; his soul, without hindrance of common and material thoughts, can ascend higher. ”

“I remain in the world because the world is even more terrible than nothing. I have accepted life because life is more painful than death ... Only from pain is the truth born, and at the bottom of despair is the only pleasure that does not produce disgust. ”

“If it is not to enjoy a more beautiful life, death is better. Much better death! ”

"A killing of dreams ... In short, intelligence is defeated. Among those dead were friends and others who, in short, could become our friends. Some of us have died in them. The only wealth in the world; the only true and desirable one, that of genius, is reduced… We have lived and suffered more than we expected… We will not like, as long as we exist, the calm taste of life from before. ”

“He who truly loves cannot love the opposite and the opposite of what he loves, and this is the reason why those who were, at a certain moment in life, the greatest enemies of Christ, become, touched by Grace Divine, in its most ardent and fiery defenders. Love and hate are closely linked to each other and whoever wants to suppress anger suppress charity at the same time. Those who are incapable of being enraged by anger will also be so with respect to love: they are the eternal lukewarm that the mouth of God, as written in Revelation, will vomit. ”

"If the writers did not read, and if the readers did not write, the subjects of literature would march infinitely better."