The best phrases of María Montessori

The best phrases of María Montessori

Maria Montessori (1870-1952) was the first Italian woman who managed to graduate in medicine. His main interest was children. In addition, he contributed very significantly in other areas such as psychology, education, anthropology, biology, etc.

Maria Montessori defended a educational model based on the game, the exploration and the creativity of the child in a healthy environment and at fresh air, attending individually to the needs and characteristics of each child.

It is not surprising that the new method proposed by María Montessori was considered revolutionary in those times, where children simply sat, sit still and memorize texts passively.

The best phrases of María Montessori

"Any unnecessary help is an obstacle to development."

“The essence of Montessori education is to help the child in its development and help him adapt to any condition that the present requires.”

"The greatest instinct of children is precisely to free themselves from the adult."

“The child, with his enormous physical and intellectual potential, is a miracle in front of us. This fact must be transmitted to all parents, educators and people interested in children, because education from the beginning of life could truly change the present and future of society. ”

“The person who is served, instead of being helped, is hindered in the development of their own dependence. This concept is the foundation of the dignity of man. The child cannot be served because he does not want to be important. ”

"The child who has increased his own independence with the acquisition of new abilities can only develop normally if he has freedom of action."

“If help and salvation are to come it can only be through children. Because children are the creators of humanity. ”

"The best teaching is the one that uses the least amount of words necessary for homework."

"The movement helps the psychic development and this development is expressed in turn with a movement and an action."

"The first movement of the small hand towards things, the impulse of this movement, represents the effort of the self to penetrate the world."

"We can say that the hand has followed intelligence, spirituality and feeling and that the trace of its work has transmitted the evidence of the presence of man."

“If we consider physical life on the one hand and mental life on the other, we break the cycle of relationships and man's actions are separated from the brain. The true purpose of the movement is not to favor better breathing or nutrition, but to serve all life and the spiritual and universal economy of the world. ”

"The child creates his own movements and, once created, perfects them."

“The child, guided by an inner teacher works tirelessly with joy to build man. We educators can only help… That is how we will bear witness to the birth of the new man. ”

"Help me do it for myself."

“We have to be clear, of course, that the development of human potential is not determined by us. We can only serve the development of the child, because this is done in a space where there are laws that govern the functioning of each human being and each development has to be in harmony with the whole world around us and with the entire universe. ”

“Touching the child is touching the most delicate and vital point, where everything can be decided and renewed, where everything is full of life, where the secrets of the soul are locked, that is where the education of tomorrow's man is elaborated.”

"The child who has freedom and opportunity to manipulate and use his hand in a logical way, with consequences and using real elements, develops a strong personality."