The complex of God, pride taken to the extreme

The complex of God, pride taken to the extreme

As a contribution to the study of narcissistic personality, Ernest Jones (1913), introduces the term: "complex of God", which, although It is not a clinical term, is commonly used to describe the egotistical, pretentious, haughty, arrogant and proud personality. I write with lowercase the word: "God", because they really do not correspond to any deity, it is simply a belief on which they govern their life, they are people who feel superior to everything around them. It should be mentioned that the narcissistic personality corresponds to a dominant model of grandiosity, need for admiration and the lack of empathy is characteristic.

In narcissism, the self is great pathological and infiltrated with primitive aggression, its sadism can be egosyntonic. ” Otto F. Kernberg


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An excess of pride

Those who have the "complex of God" They firmly believe that their vision of the world is sufficient to solve complex problems that go beyond their resources and real resolution capabilities.They have the belief that they can achieve more than is possible, they think their opinion is the best.

When they propose another type of solution, it is cognitively discarded by the individual, considering it inferior to theirs, although it could be a true solution to a conflict given by an expert in the area, for example. Mental rigidity and inflexibility is typical of them, as They feel they have absolute truth. “The end justifies the means”, is a phrase by Nicolás Maquiavelo, which seems to be made just for him.

People who have the "complex of God," believe they have that characteristic power of some gods, but many have an inability to love, which they can mask, even under good works, but in reality they try to reach their own goals that almost they are always selfish.

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How do you think people with "God's complex"?

The dangerous thing about having this complex, is that the beliefs of the subject can make him believe that he is above his species and the other species that cohabit the Earth, so they can infringe human rights, act in opposition to the laws of society and attempt against all kinds of life that they consider unnecessary without mercy, use sexual abuse and violence, feel the right to deprive others of freedom and use them to comply with their egosyntonic plans, because they have the belief that they are superior beings.

They are proud and proud people who believe they can understand how the world works, They are characters playing to be the gods of their small and constricted world. Tim Harford said that it is common to find the "complex of God" in business leaders and in our society, as well as among political figures.

“The Earth is a very small stage in the vast cosmic arena.Think of the rivers of blood shed by all those generals and emperors, so that, in glory and triumph, they could become momentary masters of a fraction of a point. Think of the endless cruelties committed by the inhabitants of one corner of this pixel on the barely distinguishable inhabitants of some other corner. How frequent their misunderstandings, how eager they are to kill each other, how fervent their hatreds are. Our positions, our imaginary importance, the illusion that we occupy a privileged position in the Universe ... All that is challenged by this point of pale light. Our planet is a lonely grain in the great and enveloping cosmic gloom. In our darkness - in all this vastness - there is not a hint that help is coming from somewhere else to save us from ourselves. ” Carl Sagan

The complex of God in the political sphere

Irrational political radicalism and personal destructiveness are like endearing lovers involved in a very risky sadomasochistic relationship. And this in politics has serious consequences. ” A. Caves

An example of the "complex of God", we can find represented by some current political figures, who in their campaigns propose to solve truly complex problems with such security and optimism that is contagious for many. When asked how they will achieve these results, they fall into fallacies, promises they will not keep and a demagogy with an almost cynical infallibility accent, so that according to them, they could solve many complex social problems in a single period ... or more than one, because this type of personality is what He may feel he has the right to continue in power even if reality shows that the construction of the social structure can be modified for the sake of common welfare and not only serve egosyntonic purposes.

Many feel they have the right to take money from the "people" to carry out their "important" plans, they are highly manipulative and may have a certain charm, which makes many people feel attracted to them and follow them.

Extremely narcissistic personalities can have a malignant fusion of aggressive and libidinal drives charged (catechized) in the "crazy" self, in which aggression dominates strongly. It is very difficult to rescue the healthy dependent parts of the self, in its entrapped position within the narcissistic structure. ” Otto F. Kernberg

They are the type of person who can "remove from the map" those who feel they are their enemies at the place and at whatever price, they are excessively competitive. They hardly generate guilt, especially when there is narcissistic personality disorder coupled with others, it is worth mentioning that Narcissism is considered a serious psychiatric personality disorder and must be treated as such.

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The need for politicians to have an accurate and honest awareness of their mental health is imperative. And this in politics would be a sign of true progress and social maturity. ” A. Caves

How many wars and blood shed throughout history by characters who do not value life and believed themselves superior to everything around them; it is important that the new generations be educated in an area of ​​respect, towards themselves, towards people of their same species and towards everything that cohabits this planet.


We are only cosmic sand floating in the vastness of the universe. You can always learn something from people, there are hidden treasures and richness in the characteristic diversity of people, regardless of their culture or origin.

Having the "complex of God" can be dangerous, when people with these characteristics are in power, turn out to be more harmful than dynamite, it would be equivalent to allowing a jester to play the little and twisted god of the world. It is important that the mental health of people in the political sphere be regulated, monitored and attended, would represent a great advance within society, but perhaps only possible in a utopian and happy world.


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