Hyperborea existed a long time ago, at the time when there were monsters, when it was believed that the world was flat, and it was believed that the sun was rising by the east sea and going by the west sea. Hyperborea was located north of Mount Olympus, house of the gods. The Hyperboreans were greatly favored by the gods, especially Apollo. They lived happily in a country where the sun shone brightly, and it was always spring.

Hyperborea was divided into three regions: Those who lived to the south (Sororeans), who always told the truth; those who lived to the north (North Americans), who always lied; and those who lived in the middle (Midoreans), who alternated between lying and telling the truth in an unknown order.

Then Apollo decided to visit his favorite citizens (the Hyperboreans) in secret. He approached three inhabitants and they said:

A: I am Sororean
B: I am Nororean
C: They both lie, I'm Midoreano

Assuming that each person is from a different region, Who is Sororeano, who Nororeano and who Midoreano?


B cannot be Nororean as he said, because that would mean that he tells the truth, and North Americans always lie. B cannot be Sororean, because then he would be lying, and the Sororeans never lie. So B is Midoreano; A is Sororeano, and C, would be Nororeano since their two statements are false.