Thanksgiving turkey

Thanksgiving turkey

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Here is a nice problem that arose from a transaction on Thanksgiving and that tells how one Dr. Shylock was beaten on his own ground. Dr. Shylock, a pharmacist, asked the village butcher for a turkey for Thanksgiving dinner. When the butcher handed him the turkey and handed him the bill, he explained that the price was with the weight of the animal, at a penny an ounce of meat.

Dr. doubted that the weight of the turkey on the butcher's scale was correct and the butcher told him to weigh it on his own and to pay what his own scales indicated.

Dr. Shylock went quickly to his house despite the turkey and returned to the butcher shop to tell the shocked butcher that the turkey weighed a few ounces less than he had been charged. The butcher, who was an honest and somewhat naive type, settled for the weight he proposed to the pharmacist, and as he had some purchases to do he asked him how much he charged for the rock salt, to which the pharmacist replied that three cents pound.

“Put me as many pounds of rock salt as ounces I have sold you from turkey, but since I don't like your scales, we will weigh them again in my shop, and I will pay you the difference between our bills there.”

Dr., thinking that if the scales had favored him the first time they would do it again, he accepted the proposal and approached with the salt, but to his surprise it turned out that the butcher's scales showed the same number of pounds less than those He had weighed in his shop.

It may seem that we have given you very little information to solve this problem, or somewhat ambiguous information. But I challenge you to find the exact weight of this turkey, which will be the key to find out its price, as well as the portion of rock salt required to prove the truth of this problem.


This turkey weighs only 24 pounds, and therefore will cost 16 times 24 or $ 3.84. Dr. Shylock cheated the butcher by weighing the turkey on his pharmacist scale (troy weight system) where 24 pounds will weigh 350 ounces instead of 384, as he claimed he weighed the butcher.

Our naive butcher lost 34 cents in that transaction, and to prove that there was no evil he ordered as many ounces of rock salt at 3 cents as ounces of turkey he had sold.

Dr. thought that if he had gained in ounces, he would also gain in pounds. He weighed 350 pounds of salt, which according to his scales would go to $ 10.50, but when he returned to weigh it in the butchery 350 troy pounds weigh only 288 pounds (avoirdupois weight system) on the butcher's scale, so the butcher won 62 pounds of salt at 3 cents a pound, which would go to $ 1.86 to make up for your loss of 34 cents in turkey.

So the answer to this puzzle is that the butcher earned $ 1.52 in the transaction.