Fritz, the calculating hairdresser

Fritz, the calculating hairdresser

Fritz, the calculating hairdresser, boasts of having given a haircut and a first-class shave, including tea and a good conversation, in record time of 15 minutes. The International Record Association, however, refuses to accept that as an official record because, as you can see in the picture, the clock is clipped and we cannot see the position of the handles. Both Fritz, the barber, and his employer claim that they had not realized that detail until they finished their feat.

They say the minute hand was so ahead of the hour hand with it was behind before starting.

Any schoolchild in the room who can come to the rescue and tell us where the handles were when the work was completed?


There are 11 positions in which the minute hand will take 15 minutes to get as far ahead of the hour hand as before it was behind. But there will only be one position that fits the position of the handle shown in the illustration, and that is in the part of the watch that is not visible.

So the only solution may be that the barber started at 10.47 and 2 and 8/11 seconds, and finished at 11.02 and 2 and 8/11 seconds.