The hula-hoop snake

The hula-hoop snake

The distinguished naturalist and professor Von Schafskoplen, has studied profusely the behavior of the Hula-hoop Snake, named for its peculiar form of locomotion that consists in putting the end of the tail in the mouth and rolling on the ground like a hoop. This characteristic of the official genre has been described by many naturalists, and a professor claims to have seen three snakes combined in a large ring rolling at the speed of light and then disappearing swallowing each other, which has led to great scientific discussions. .

Professor Von Schafskopen has been tracking the country in search of such specimens. His efforts were successfully crowned when he discovered in the rugged Hoop Mountains a petrified specimen of the Hula-hoop snake in a position, with its tail in its mouth, which proved the existence of that custom among that genus. With a fine saw he cut the snake into 10 pieces, wrapped them in cotton and returned triumphant to civilization. What happens is that He has been unable to reassemble the 10 pieces and now asks for your collaboration.

Mathematicians say that they can be reassembled in 362,882 different ways but that none gives a circumference, however imperfect, so skeptics believe there are 362,882 possibilities to 1 such a snake never existed.

In desperation, our teacher asks us to send him proposals for the restored snake.