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The grandfather's wall clock

The grandfather's wall clock

Behind a very old song that says:

"Grandfather's clock was so big
and how heavy was his handling,
that ninety years passed on the ground, ”

there is a legend that speaks of a very grumpy grandfather and an irritating watch that from the very first moment, and "was bought in the morning in which the old man was born" made the life of the poor man completely miserable, due to the incurable habit of the clock to tangle the handles whenever they try to pass one over the other.

These semi-occasional stoppages increased as, with age, the old man became more irascible, his hands weakened more and less capable of correcting the complaining buffoons of the stubborn clock.

Until one day the handles became entangled again stopping the clock and the old man became so enraged, such was his furious passion, which gave him an attack and fell stiff as a log.

“And the clock stopped dead,
to never work again,
when the old man fell dead. ”

They gave me a photograph of the clock, which had the classic figure of the woman who represents time, and I was shocked to realize that, knowing that the hours and minutes were stranded together, We could find out when the old man "fell dead" from the position of the second handle, without seeing the watch face. The idea of ​​knowing the exact time, just seeing the minutes can be strange, although it is not a riddle as difficult as it seems.


It is explained that the hours and minutes became entangled, and the problem was to find out their point of contact from the position of the second handle. As we can say that the second handle is a little less than 5 and a half seconds, We can know that the time should have been 9:49 and 5 and 5/11 seconds.