Counting the coins

Counting the coins

I've always noticed that younger people like coin riddles a lot. I leave here one that they will like and in passing will familiarize them with the American coins of the time of these three gentlemen.

Three Dutch Milwaukee play cards two days in a row. When they decide to suspend the game, Claus had won 8 cents and his brother Karl 22. How much money did the third Dutchman, Heindrichs, have when the game ended?

As you can see in the picture, each one has only 2 coins and those 6 coins, which make 3 dollars in total, is all the money they have.

It is assumed that the money they now have is what they had when the game started, what they have spent on beers and other goodies does not count.

To help with the resolution, the values ​​of the different currencies of the time are attached:


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At the start of the game, Hendricks had a coin of 25 cents and another of 10, Claus had a gold coin of $ 2.50 and another of 2 cents and Karl had a coin of 10 and another of 3 cents.

At the end of the game, Hendricks had the 3 and 2 cent coins, with what he had lost 30 cents. Claus had the gold coin of $ 2.50, and that of 10 cents, so he had earned 8 cents and Karl had the coin of 25 cents and another of 10. With what he earned 22 cents.

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