The nineties

The nineties

The inhabitants of a small isolated village between the mountains are called "nineties". These have the peculiarity that the day is divided into 90 ninety hours, every ninety hour in 90 ninety minutes and every ninety minute in 90 seconds ninety.

What ninety hour is one o'clock in the morning of a conventional clock?


90 hours of the nineties will equal 24 hours in the rest of the world. In addition, we can assume that the day begins for them at the same time as for us, that is, at 0:00, ours is also 0:00 for them, since nothing is said against them.

Thus, at 1:00 in our 24-hour schedule, we have to convert a fraction of 1/24 of the total into fractions of denominator 90. In other words, if one of 24 passes, how many would go from 90? The answer is to divide 90 by 24, that is, it would be 3 and "something else." That "something else" (0.75) is multiplied by 90 to know how many ninety minutes have passed, and 67 minutes are "nine and a half", which means 45 seconds ninety. So, the answer would be that 1:00 for the rest of the world, for the nineties it would be 3:67:45, that is, 3 hours, 67 minutes and 45 seconds.