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The earth is spinning

The earth is spinning

We all know that the earth revolves around the sun as it turns on itself but ...

Do you know how many complete turns the Earth gives on its own axis every 365 days?


The earth will give 366 laps approximately.

The explanation is as follows: The rotation movement is carried out by the Earth rotating on itself along an imaginary axis called the Earth axis that passes through its poles. A complete turn, taking as reference the stars, lasts 23 hours with 56 minutes and 4 seconds and is called the sidereal day. If we take the Sun as a reference, the same meridian passes in front of our star every 24 hours, it is the so-called solar day. The 3 minutes and 56 seconds difference are due to the fact that in that period of time the Earth has advanced in its orbit and must turn more than a sidereal day to complete a solar day.