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Five donuts for six children

Five donuts for six children

At snack time, it turns out that we have a plate with 5 equal donuts and we are 6 friends. One of the boys proposes to divide the 5 donuts into 6 equal pieces each so that we will have 5 equal pieces for each and we will all eat the same. However, another of the boys, very fond of ingenuity games, challenged us to see if we were able to divide each donut in equal parts but without cutting any donut into six or more pieces so that we all have the same amount.

How can we divide 5 donuts equally into six children, but without cutting any donut into six or more equal parts?

Note that a donut can be cut into a different number of pieces than another donut, but all pieces of the same donut must be the same size.


Cut 3 of the donuts into two halves each. We will have six equal parts and distribute a piece to each child. Then we split the two remaining donuts into 3 equal pieces each and we will have again 6 parts that we distribute among the children. All children will eat the same amount and we will not have cut any donuts into 6 parts.