An apple inside the bottle

An apple inside the bottle

Surely, you will have seen on some occasion how the modelers manage to build the model of a ship inside a bottle.

Normally, the boat is built out of the bottle with the sails folded, then the model is introduced into the bottle through the hole and the sails and other accessories are deployed using tweezers until the model is completely assembled.

The enigma that we propose below goes a little further since in our case the objective is to introduce a normal apple into a bottle. Obviously, the size of the apple does not allow us to introduce it through the hole of the bottle and it is not allowed to break the bottle or the apple either. So…

How would you put an apple inside the bottle?


Since a large apple does not fit through the hole in the bottle, the solution involves introducing a small apple that is growing in the tree into the bottle. The apple will ripen and grow inside the bottle until it is the right size.