80 phrases of Francisco de Quevedo

80 phrases of Francisco de Quevedo

Francisco Gómez de Quevedo Villegas and Santibáñez Cevallos, better known as Francisco de Quevedo (1580 - 1645), was a Spanish writer of the Golden Age. Considered a master of Spanish baroque poetry, Quevedo is one of the most skilled poets that has existed and is a Spanish literary reference.

Quevedo's style, which was based on the use of ingenious concepts and elaborate metaphors, reflects his somewhat cynical attitude towards literature in general. Quevedo mistrusted fiercely complicated literature and tried to introduce a style of poetry that, for his time, was remarkably clean and concise.

Famous quotes by Francisco de Quevedo

He who spends time regretting the past loses the present and risks the future.

The friend must be like the blood, which then goes to the wound without waiting to be called.

The brave is afraid of the opposite; the coward, of his own fear.

All those who seem stupid are, and, in addition, so are half of those who do not seem so.

Those who love each other from the heart, speak only with their hearts.

Ask my passion and my fortune and you will know that it is passion of my sense that judges blazon of my madness.

There is no love without fear of offending or losing what is loved, and this fear is in love and filial.

There are always those who give virtue bad names, but there are always those who do not deserve to know it.

The one to whom fortune cannot give more is not happy, but the one to whom he cannot take anything away.

How can suddenly die who since birth sees that he is running through life and carries death with him?

Love is faith and not science.

It never improves its state who changes only of place, and not of life and customs.

But, when the misfortunes begin in one, it seems that they are never to end, that they are chained and some brought to others.

In short, not only things are not what they seem, they are not even what they are called!

Love is the last philosophy of earth and heaven.

Dear reader, may God protect you from bad books, police and scolding women, with a livid face and blond hair.

Gratitude is the main part of a good man.

Who does not love a beautiful woman with all his five senses, does not esteem nature for his greatest care and greatest work.

It is easier to write against pride than to defeat it.

Right who suspects that he always errs.

If you do well to be thanked, merchant you are, not benefactor; Greedy, not charitable.

Everything everyday is very ugly.

Only he who commands with love is served faithfully.

Much becomes little with wishing another little more.

I am a was and a will and a is tired ...

Eyes, I don't know what to expect seeing how you treat me; Well, if you see me, you kill me, and if I look at you, I die.

Let us sell every husband who has suffered the power to make a will, because it is not fair that he has last will in death that he did not know how to have in life.

The safest thing is not to put yourself in danger.

There are short books that, to understand them as they deserve, a very long life is needed.

Among equals are the firm benefits; among flavors of fortune, our mortality is not certain.

There is no wheel of torment greater than the presence and sight of a father to a son in the confusion of some big mistake.

Badly shelter the poor man from having no shelter.

Patience is a victorious virtue, and it makes kings powerful and righteous. Impatience is the vice of the devil, seminar of the most horrible and architect of tyrants.

Luckily do criminals than a bad judge.

To men who are desperate, marry them, instead of giving them ropes; they will die little less than hanged.

My heart is a kingdom of horror.

The frog said to the mosquito from a jar: more I want to die in the wine than to live in the water ...

Believing the worst, he almost always gets it right.

Retired in the peace of this desert, along with some books, few but wise, I live in conversation with the deceased and listen to the dead with my eyes.

Fear must always be preserved, but it must never be shown.

The love of country always hurts the person.

Each one must open their eyes and not rely on the kinship title, or even their own garments, but on those of love and will very experienced, because they are not relatives but as they are treated.

With few, but learned books together, I live in conversation with the dead and with my eyes I hear the dead speak.

Pride never falls from where it rises, but always falls from where it rose.

You can close my eyes the last shadow, which I will take the white day.

Reading is listening to the dead with our eyes.

I will be dust, more dust in love.

The tree of life is communication with friends; the fruit, rest and trust in them.

There is no true love where there is any suspicion.

No one offers as much as the one who will not comply.

Where there is little justice it is a danger to be right.

And naked, very beautiful maiden, you are so beautiful, you are so rich and beautiful, that you kill more of jealousy and love that dressed in colors: and you are like that to the sword similar: that you kill more naked than dressed.

The blind man carries the crippled piggyback ... walk the foot with the patched eye.

Leisure is the loss of salary.

The possession of health is like that of the hacienda, which is enjoyed by spending it, and if it is not spent it is not enjoyed.

Live only for you if you could, because only for you if you die, you die.

The real big ones are the big ones.

Because of our greed, much is little; because of our need, little is much.

I know how many I contradict, and I recognize those who are to arm themselves against me; but I was not Spanish if I did not look for dangers, despising them before to overcome them later.

We all yearn to get old and we have all denied that we have already arrived.

Excess is the poison of reason.

It is no less offensive to stroke caress in women, than the sword in men.

When the miser says: I have a treasure, the prisoner says: have a jail.

To take time is virtue, power and humility; letting oneself be vile and crime.

You don't want immortality because you doubt it, but because you fear it.

The rich eat, the poor feed.

There is nothing that enlivens love more than the fear of losing the loved one.

A single stone can crumble a building.

The interested friend looks at his own love; the real one, only for the good of the friend.

He who wants from this life all things to his liking, will have many dislikes.

Who judges them with passion, without being ointment makes humans, because by smearing their hands it softens their hearts?

It does not make greed to happen what we want, nor fear that what we fear will not happen.

Between the white carnation and the red rose, your majesty choose.

I am sorry to leave an uninhabited body that has a loving spirit; desert a heart always on fire, where all Love reigned lodged.

They brought broth in some wooden bowls, so clear, that in eating one of them, Narcissus would be more in danger than in the fountain.

There is no taste more rested than after having shit

Powerful gentleman Don Money.

You do what you suffer and imitate yourself.