Process of adaptation to preschool or kindergarten

Process of adaptation to preschool or kindergarten

Since we are babies, we are exposed to different emotional, family and social situations that become developmental milestones, that is, moments that every human being normally tends to experience and that allows a healthy and optimal development in all aspects.

Among these milestones we find some such as: talking for the first time, learning to walk, acquiring fine and / or gross motor skills, among others. Go to the kindergarten throughout the first 5 years of a child's life, promotes development at the intellectual, motor, emotional and socio-emotional level.

For this reason, I will talk about the process of adaptation to the kindergarten or preschool, what are its basic characteristics so that it can be used to the maximum in our children.

Everything is a new experience.

It is essential that security and autonomy be promoted from the simplest activities from the home, that is, allow your child from early childhood to learn to perform activities alone, which will promote mistakes, know how to handle the frustration that this generates and try again until you successfully achieve what you want.

This can be instilled through the instructional follow-up training, Sometimes some parents tend to believe that since their child is under 5, we can help them do practically everything, however, this is quite harmful for their development, because it will tend to create a insecure attachment towards the father figures and will not have the ability to explore the world around him for fear of being away from his parents.

exist 4 basic steps that can be done to learn to follow the instructions of another and at some point to establish certain habits or routines that will facilitate the process of adaptation to the kindergarten, these are: learning by imitation of an adult to show you how to do it of roles, feedback from their parents and finally, experience a real life situation.

No pressure

Some experts suggest that the period of time that the adaptation to the kindergarten or preschool can last can be 2 weeks maximum, but remember something important this is a joint work of both the garden and the parents and of course the child who attends this new place for him.

We must ensure that he feels comfortable with the space and activities that are carried out there, motivating him to learn new things, meet new friends and have unforgettable memories for his whole life; so that he will learn that the world is bigger than the house where he lives with dad and mom.

But we should know that, as parents, if we choose to try to force them to go to the kindergarten we will turn this new experience as a type of punishment for the child from whom you cannot get rid of and that is when the adaptation process will be negative.

The ideal is to teach him everything that covers this new stage for his life, so that little by little it will be released to gradually recognize everything, One way to do this may be by taking it to an hour and increasing the time spent in that place (clarifying that preferably each time the presence of the parents, obviously telling this to the child).

In conclusion…

It is essential that parents make their children participate in this new experience from the moment they decide that they will enter a kindergarten or preschool, that they know the place, tell them the advantages and everything that will serve them. This will facilitate the adaptation process. Allowing the child not only Live this change in your life, but also enjoy it, remember it and even yearn for it when you don't have it.

Going through a kindergarten or preschool is one of the first occasions when the child separates completely from the parents for a prolonged period of time, and this can facilitate or hinder the development in other spaces, where he is with other people; That's why it all depends on how parents support the process. Remember that ... A happy childhood is the first step to achieve mental health!


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